Whedon Wednesday :: in-depth Halloween 2014 cosplay adventures, part two.

5 Nov

So!  My lovely friend who was Ygritte a couple years ago decided this year that she wanted to be Lorelei.  We indulged.

The dress itself was fairly straightforward, just a one-shouldered maxi dress that Mom made out of an appropriate fabric and cut a slit up the side of.  On the side that has the shoulder, she added a gold sleeve; she sewed gold on the inside of the skirt so it showed through the slit as well.  Lorelei’s dress in canon was actually a turquoise dress over a gold dress, as the turquoise dress was slit all the way up both sides, but my friend wanted to be able to wear this dress (sans gold, I assume) for real-world things too, so that was not practical, and anyway the costume sketches I found online looked more like this.

My big projects for this dress were the necklace (which was just one we found at a thrift store and I painted) and Lorelei’s shoulder armor.  This consisted of a series of plates, each made of tinfoil folded over tinfoil over tinfoil in appropriate shapes and then covered in upholstery leather and then painted.  The skinny detailing straps were zipper pulls from an old purse; the armband and strap were straps from other old purses.

And this is just a pretty view of the dress from the back.  Also she is wearing my mother’s Sophie-Anne wig.

–your fangirl heroine.

innocent face forever


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