Television Tuesday :: in-depth Halloween 2014 cosplay adventures, part one.

4 Nov

This year, our little group was rather split amongst canons, but myself and my lieutenant-friend were out of Game of Thrones again, so here goes nothing!

First, step one of my Dany efforts for the year.  I say step one because we’re going to improve the details and things before Emerald City in the spring, of course.  But this is what’s been done now.  (We made four costumes this year, and mine was done last.  So we cut a few corners, admittedly.)

So this was not nearly as much of an adventure as last year’s endeavor, patternwise.  There were no overlapping pieces or anything.  The biggest adventure was just finding fabric, honestly (last year’s fabric could have likely been used again, but it was too hard to work with and wouldn’t probably have worked as well for the pattern).

On the note of the white skirt: this was actually a vintage dress we found at the just-recently-departed vintage store in my town.  It’s a store I grew up with (I’d been going there since I was in junior high) and so it seems fitting that it gave me an important parting gift, as it were.  We knew that pleating the fabric would have taken far, far too long, and the dress was about the same price or possibly even cheaper than fabric would have been, so we ran with it.  And it really was cute, it was sleeveless and black with a hole in it, but I know for a fact that I couldn’t have worn it as a dress.  With the top cut off, though, the skirt fit perfectly, and my mom and I just crafted the blue above it.

If I recall, it was a pattern for an A-line dress that she just cut the front out of and a hole out of the back and then added sleeves to (the sleeves followed the same shape as last year’s dress).  And then the decoration.

Eventually I’m going to add more layers onto this, of course.  Many more layers.  But this is the basic shape of the gold designs, and that’s something.  It’s just a couple of layers of spray-painted mesh cut out in the appropriate shapes and hastily hand-stitched on (thank you drift partner for helping and teaching me new ways to knot thread), but it gets the job done.

And then it was just flats and the ring/bracelet/necklace/wig I had already, and there you have it.

Now, Oberyn!

Oberyn was what this friend was, and it was definitely the project I had the most involvement in this year.  (My mom and I just really wanted to make an Oberyn costume because we love Oberyn and were glad that this friend agreed to model it.)  The pants were just ones he found (they weren’t important) and the boots (not pictured) came from Wal-Mart (it is so hard to find decent-looking brown boots that are neither combat nor hiking nor cowboy and also that fit boys’ feet) but the costume itself was… a fun adventure.

The robe, I am amused to say (and think that Oberyn would be amused by himself), is actually a pattern for a priest’s robe that we modified the neckline and hemline on.  It had pleats in the back, which Oberyn’s does, and it was on sale, so we went for it.  The yellow fabric was originally just solid yellow upholstery fabric that I stenciled paisleys onto, because that’s approximately the pattern of Oberyn’s fabric.

As you see.

The trim, then, was actually originally… white satin.  We didn’t find any fabric we liked for the trim at all, so we started from scratch.  First I painted the fabric coppery.  Then once that had tried, I took one of those fabric paint pens and drew gold scalloped lines all over it.  This took the better part of an afternoon, I admit, but it was worth it.

This was applied both to the edges of the robe and the edge of the collar of the undershirt (though it hadn’t been sewn to that when this picture was taken).

And my other project with this one was the necklace.

That is… one solid-as-hell block of clay with chain linked into the top and then another chain with little tiny chains attached to it as fringe embedded in the bottom.  The clay also had a very specific design etched in it and then was painted gold.

Also the robe has suns on it; the suns were done with puffy paint for the rays and a couple different sizes of buttons painted gold sewn in for the centers.

And this is part of the source of my exhaustion lately, I admit.  But it was utterly worth it.

–your fangirl heroine.


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