Music Monday :: 5 more x7 artists commonly found in the ASOIAF tag on 8tracks

3 Nov

This is another list of songs that appear often on mixes but most often on Stark mixes.  Because, while I enjoy most of those, they are… quite predictable.

5.  Avicii, “Hey Brother
Gets used for any of the boys.  I personally do not care a whit about this song, but it’s often there.

4.  Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz, “Cold
This… was apparently on one of the Twilight soundtracks.  While that does not make me judge it automatically (there are plenty of decent things on those soundtracks even though I can’t stand the movies) I don’t really care too much about the song, either.  But it fills time on a Stark mix pretty easily.

3.  The Civil Wars, “Tracks in the Snow” or “Kingdom Come” or “Finding North
I list all of these as one because they appear with a similar regularity, and honestly, when I heard the latter two my very first thought was to use them on a Stark-related mix.  I have not made one of these, because I just never had enough motivation and once I started listening to other people’s I realized most of my ideas were cliche, but there you have it.

2.  First Aid Kit, “Winter is All Over You
In true “most First Aid Kit songs could be about House Stark and/or something else in ASOIAF” fashion.

1.  Delta Rae, “Bottom of the River
Have I honestly not listed this before?  It is my all-time favorite use of this song.  On mixes pertaining to a certain member of House Stark.

–your fangirl heroine.

what the hell ever


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