Film Friday :: the essential me filmography

24 Oct

So I realized last night that while there are a lot of key elements to understanding “the essential me” the medium that I rely on most heavily for casual referencing purposes is film.  These are not necessarily my favorite movies (though lots of those are on this list) but they’re the movies that I (and my friendgroup) would be most likely to reference in casual conversation.  Please don’t judge me for this list, incidentally.  I judge myself enough for everyone as far as some of it is concerned.

The majority of these date back to high school/early college, because that was when our primary cultural reference was apparently created and cemented.  There are inside jokes and horrible “remember when we watched the thing” stories.

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. The Room
  3. Sleepaway Camp
  4. Grindhouse
  5. Repo! The Genetic Opera
  6. Almost Famous
  7. Kill Bill
  8. The Phantom of the Opera
  9. Serenity
  10. and… okay, so Spring Awakening is not a movie (and gods willing never will be) but I can’t think of anything else more appropriate to round out this list, all considered.

–your fangirl heroine.

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