Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Sailor Jupiter and also Rainbow Crystals, among other things.

22 Oct

Hell yes. I opened up Hulu to see that tonight was the first Sailor Jupiter episode and actually exclaimed that out loud. While Mercury is my forever princess, Jupiter was my first love on this show (probably because this was the first episode I ever saw, if I recall) and I’m excited about her. I was her for Halloween when I was a first grader. She’s awesome. Really far from any of my lasting tropes, but I still appreciate her a lot.

Yes! And this is the start of the Rainbow Crystals, too.

I really want to try taking pictures actually posing in the poses that the Sailor Scouts do.

Also Queen Beryl, who is currently awakening her Great Ruler, has fangs. I hadn’t noticed that before, I don’t think. They don’t usually close up on her mouth that… closely. Or something. Or usually I’m busy paying attention to her weird hand movements. Also the whites of her eyes are ivory.

And uh-oh Usagi ran into some burly dudes and here is Mako-chan to beat them up. She’s going to beat all of them up like a badass. “Be careful, okay?” Mako-chan says to Usagi-chan, and Usagi proceeds to… blush furiously and notice her earrings and stare after her. This is a very heterosexual show.

Ah yes, the Rainbow Crystals that are in people and make up the Silver Crystal and make the people be carriers for monsters. TIME TO USE THE DARK CRYSTAL TO FIND IT. oh yes, and Zoisite shouts “Zoi!” when finding crystals with the other crystal.


“Story goes she was kicked out of her last school for fighting.” But Usagi wants to befriend her because her lunch looks cute and yummy. And therefore Usagi is like “Mako-chan!” and complimenting her for making her yummy lunch herself and befriending her anyway.

“Why aren’t you wearing our school uniform?” “This one suits me better.” Which I remember from the websites I frequented as a child was because the new school didn’t make uniforms that were large enough for Mako-chan because she was too tall. Mako-chan is 5’6”. I’m 5’6”.

“They say the more the argue, the closer you are.”

I really enjoy the fact that they make toys of the senshi.

Oh here they call him Joe the Crane Game Troll. That’s marginally less amusing than Game Machine Joe.

Oh no and Mako-chan’s observing that he looks like her old boyfriend. That was the line they used in the dub I grew up with. Here it wasn’t quite that way, but she used the word “senpai” which literally translates to “senior” and also has a strong association with being infatuated with authority figures and the like.

And here’s Mako to stop Zoisite from torturing Joe The Crane Game Troll by doing kicking and attacks. “How barbaric,” Zoisite observes, but then complains that “you scarred my precious face” when Mako scratches her with an earring. And Joe the Crane Game Troll is offended that the girls kept him from getting his ass kicked.

Luna felt an energy coming from Zoisite. Did she feel that energy from Zoisite’s ominous suit? I would think so. It looks like a Dark Kingdom suit.

“He is… exactly like the guy who broke my heart…” Mako says. And Usagi wishes her good luck in going to talk to Joe. Whose name is still Joe.

He’s up front about his supernatural power, though. Which is pretty directly telekinesis. “Nobody else can do this.” Well, probably. He says he has to make good use of his ability… by ripping off the crane game at the arcade. That makes sense.

Joe the Crane Game Troll is kind of a dick.

And Zoisite apparently says “Zoi” before doing… anything.

“Dammit!” shouts Mako-chan, before running after Joe the Crane Game Troll.

Conveniently they find the red Rainbow Crystal first.

Zoisite is easily the snazziest of the Four Kings of Heaven. And Gamecen is game-machine based despite just being a telekinetic. That’s convenient. Slash maybe why Joe gravitated toward arcade games?

Yes, Mako-chan is a senshi! “Jupiter, my guardian planet! Bring forth a storm, summon the clouds! Bring forth your thunder!” But because the monster was a human they have to use a new thing to defeat him because they can’t kill him. The Moon Stick, which does Moon Healing Escalation. And makes Joe shout “Refresh!” as he comes back to life.

“The Moon Stick is proof that you are the leader,” Luna says. Not, you know, the fact that she was discovered first or they’re looking for the princess of the Moon Kingdom or that the cat has a moon on her head.

“You’re exactly like the guy who broke my heart.” That’s I guess how they’re translating that line this time around. It doesn’t quite have the same ring as “he looks like my old boyfriend,” which I can still say in the exact inflection of the Sailor Jupiter from my youth, but it’ll do.

Oh right, I remember this one. They go to get the priest to make Naru-chan happy again and he has a monster. Also the intro added Jupiter, since she’s here.

Wistful foggy dreamscape of the Moon Kingdom, where Tuxedo Mask sees a shadowed figure of the Moon Princess telling him to find the Silver Crystal and her hair is exactly like Sailor Moon’s but he doesn’t put that together? Instead he goes out to look at the Tokyo skyline in his tank top.

Naru-chan has been skipping school because of her depression about her murdered monster boyfriend. Probably they should get Naru-chan some grief counseling, poor dear.

Mako-chan sounds more mature than the other girls.

Oh it’s time for Luna to tell the girls the story of the Rainbow Crystals and how they make up the Legendary Silver Crystal and contain monsters.

Rei is worried that Usagi will not live up to the Moon Stick, but Luna wants Usagi to take responsibility. Ami is willing to give her a chance but Rei pinches her until she waffles. Oh my gods Luna has starry eyes for Mako.

While Usagi and Naru and Umino are staring at a cemetery, because Naru is having feelings because Nephrite doesn’t even have a grave.

The priest that’s giving Naru advice carries the next crystal and Naru recognizes Zoisite from before when he murdered Nephrite. Such a dilemma.

And now Usagi is hearing the Moon Stick ding because there’s a Rainbow Crystal and that’s what the Moon Stick does. It really doesn’t sound as cool when it’s called the Moon Stick. I don’t remember what that was called in my dub, but Moon Stick sounds… kind of silly.

“Cease this violence!” the priest shouts as Zoisite and Naru scuffle. And Sailor Moon is perching on top of a tombstone.

And here’s the orange crystal, turning the pastor into a pink cloud of smoke that then gives way to a monster that’s a winged claw-footed boxing demon named Boxii. “I’m the champion! Wow!” he says. “Lovely Punch!” is his attack. “I’m the king of kings.”

“Please! Boxii, go back to being an ordinary pastor!” Naru implores. And then Boxii tries to punch her and Umino jumps in to save her. And Boxii tries to punch Sailor Moon out and Tuxedo Mask jumps in and catches her. “Boxers are gentlemen!” he says.

Also Tuxedo Mask just dropped the Moon Locket. I don’t know if they’re still going to call it that but that’s what it was in my dub.

Okay, so the Dark Kingdom got the red crystal, Tuxedo Mask has the orange crystal. And it showed him who he really is.

And now Naru and Umino are going to start being a thing.

And Usagi is opening the locket and Mako and Luna are off in the distance talking about how Usagi does look out for her friends, which is a good quality of hers.

–your fangirl heroine.

not nefarious at all


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