Music Monday :: my thoughts on Fumes

20 Oct

Oh, look.  I was lured in with the promise of Lily & Madeleine’s sister harmonies.  Here I am.

“Fumes.”  And oh they’re lovely harmonies indeed!  In that slow melancholy thoughtfully indie way, mm-hmm.  This sounds like taking a walk in the rain.  Conveniently, it has been on-off rainy where I am today, so I’m just sort of in that place mentally.

“Rabbit.”  Oh instrumental fading and suddenly this is a different kind of indie song and I’m so happy.  I do appreciate a good round of vocalizations on vowels.  And this is just so cute and it sounds like the kind of indie movie where someone wears a pageboy wig in an unnatural color at some point.

“Ride Away.”  And this kind of sounds to me like the music that a bunch of slightly bored Band-Aides would have made when they stole their rock band’s guitars and stuff in the hotel room and it’s kind of understated and sweetsy and not the sort of thing that they’re following but it’s of the time and they’re so cute in their floral dresses and their denim shorts and their sunglasses and stuff and they just have some stories of their own to tell but mostly they don’t need to when anyone is listening.

“Can’t Admit It.”  Mmm some shades of First Aid Kit here, which I was pretty much expecting when I clicked on this album stream, but I’m not complaining.  It’s just that I know what I like.  And what I like is lady harmonies.

“Cabin Fever.”  Oh my gosh this sounds like the 1960s and spies.  Women with giant round sunglasses and white lipstick, possibly.  And speedboats.  They have speedboats for sure.  This is the kind of song that bumps an album up higher on the list of ones I would like to buy.  It’s definitely my kind of jam and I would like to just roll around in it, please.

“The Wolf Is Free.”  Hm, and this is the nighttime B-side of the swinging spy movie jam, maybe.  There’s still a note of vintage and the crazy-beautiful harmonies but it’s much mellower than the last.  But like, this would be… the spy girls with white lipstick holding each other and slow-dancing on a beach in the dark.  While barefoot.

“Hold On To Now.”  This is a little more on the She & Him side of things, now.  And I’m just soaking it in and sighing a lot from how pretty it is.

“Lips & Hips.”   Oh, oh, wistful.  Wistful and thoughtful and gentle and amazingly careful in a way and “we still have our own ideas” and violins.  I’m falling backward into this and just staying there a while.

“Peppermint Candy.”  Aw, and now it’s back to the 1960s.  “Peppermint candy and a hand upon my gun, I keep it handy, I’ve never been the kind to run,” yes.  This is the most perfect movie about cute lady spies.  I’m so delighted.  “I reckon you are just a ghost now.”  This is adorable and lovely.

“Blue Blades.”  Mmmm yes and this is the suitable finale to that spy movie.  “I am vanishing, I am drifting, you’re so hard to find, you are shapeshifting.”  This is a very pretty, fully orchestrated kind of sound, though, and I really enjoy it.

–your fangirl heroine.

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