Fashion Friday :: the opportunity was dropped in my lap.

17 Oct

alma garret ellsworth (molly parker)

So I went out looking for pictures of Alma (Molly Parker) thinking I’d whip up some Upper East Side version of period-set mourning dress, but then I found this picture from later seasons and then I found…

archetype it up coat (modcloth)

And I just couldn’t stop myself.  Archetype It Up Coat, ModCloth.

timeless taste skirt in black (modcloth)

So I guess I’m still doing a kind of poshy-trendy version of this, because let’s be real, that’s how Alma would present.  But it’s not strictly mourning.  Timeless Taste Skirt in Black, ModCloth.

aspire to be hired top (modcloth)

Tuck this into the skirt and you’re golden.  Aspire to be Hired Top, ModCloth.

fresh footing heel (modcloth)

I love few things like a good pair of vaguely Victorian boots.  Fresh Footing Heel, ModCloth.

tights to behold (modcloth)

And very subtle black-on-black pattern mixing.  Tights to Behold, ModCloth.

cameo so adventurous bracelet (modcloth)

It’s practically necessary.  Cameo So Adventurous Bracelet, ModCloth.

just called to say i glove you gloves (modcloth)

And finally.  Just Called To Say I Love You Gloves, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



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