Things in Print Thursday :: my childhood and historical fiction, part four.

16 Oct

Gosh, was anything I read as a child not historical fiction?  Well, there was The Baby-sitters’ Club.  And one-off novels and things.  That was about it.

I’m going to talk now about two different book series.  The first is L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series.  I still have all of these books, but I admit I read the first of the series the most times.  I read Anne of Avonlea a fair amount of times, then as it went up the list I read each one successively fewer times.  I read the last one, Rilla of Ingleside, maybe twice.  It was probably mostly that I was just getting older and my tastes were expanding, but honestly, I think part of it was that the first book was so damn full of childhood adventures and whimsy and as the books got more “serious” and “romantic” and etcetera I just… got bored, I think.

The adventures of solid groups of lady friends >>>>> romance, honestly.  And then once the stories started being about her kids, I just didn’t care because I didn’t know them as well.

But that’s not to say that I didn’t like the series overall.  I just… don’t remember a terrible lot about it.  I remember liking it, I remember instances from the first book (my mom and I cried when Matthew died, of course; I remember their theatricals, because that was just a theme from the books I flocked to as a kid) and the adventures of Anne teaching and all that.  It’s the same thing of why I didn’t read the later Little Women books as many times.  Too much romance, too many boys, not as much female theatricality and buddy times.

Also the Betsy~Tacy books.  I read the later ones of these a lot of times, actually, because while the focus did shift uncomfortably onto Betsy’s romances there was always a lot more focus on the lady friendships.  The earlier books were cuter, full of, again, theatricals, and playing and various domestic shenanigans, but the later books, well, they gave me a very old-fashioned and provincial idea of what high school was going to be like.

And while the books were historical fiction, I don’t remember that affecting much except for the fashion trends, honestly.  But they were still that and they were still important to me, too.

–your fangirl heroine.

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