Television Tuesday :: Deadwood and relationships, part three.

14 Oct

Tonight we’re going to talk about a few different things.

We’re going to talk the effects that Andy Cramed (Zach Grenier) is shown to have on both Joanie (Kim Dickens) and Jane (Robin Weigert).  Joanie’s moral crisis as pertains to Cy (Powers Boothe) gets its start, at least that we see, from watching how Cy deals with Andy.  She’s indignant about Cy’s treatment of the man because of their friendship.  And Jane, Jane comes across Andy by accident in the woods and instead of running stays to tend him, not because she knows him but because… well, it seems the thing to do.  It gives her a chance to further her caregiving instinct.

We’re going to talk about Seth (Timothy Olyphant) and Sol (John Hawkes) and Reverend Smith (Ray McKinnon) and how that friendship starts as a matter of convenience and has its share of contention (mainly arising from Seth and the Reverend’s ideals clashing, from Seth’s wariness of what the Reverend is going on about) but nonetheless seems to ground all of them.  The Reverend gets something out of it because it gives him friends in the camp and therefore, as he says, a tie to it; Seth and Sol get his assistance with their store but also through him become more involved in the camp.

And we’re going to talk about Alma (Molly Parker) and Trixie (Paula Malcomson) and Sofia (Bree Seanna Wall).  Alma winds up with Sofia by a stroke of fate, and while she doesn’t feel she’s fit to care for the child she takes the task on regardless, with Trixie’s eventually requisitioned help; Alma looks after the girl because it’s the right thing to do, and Trixie, though she’s told to give Alma dope, instead comes in and immediately works to get her off dope because it’s the right thing to do.  She doesn’t know Alma prior to that, but she knows what drug addiction can to do a person and she knows that that’s not good.  She doesn’t trust Al’s (Ian McShane) motives (she, who knows Al better than anyone, arguably) and so she works against them in secret.  And they work together to take care of the child and Trixie works to take care of Alma and there’s so much caregiving and it’s so beautiful.

–your fangirl heroine.

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