Music Monday :: my thoughts on At Midnight We Ride

13 Oct

No I have never heard of We Two Thieves before.  But I’m in the mood for something on the folksier edge, and this is genre-sorted that way on, so here we go.

“Only For You.”  Well, this is a good choice.  I clicked on it and it started sounding like Deadwood immediately, so that’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find.  Deadwood with ladies singing.  That hits the buttons I was looking for, definitely.

“Field of Blue.”  Oh, oh gosh this guitar and all is really just hitting me exactly where I want right now.  So far the lyrics aren’t particularly jumping at me, but they’re very appropriate to the music and they’re pleasant and oh, background vocals with harmonies.  I want this instrumentation always I just want to wrap it around me like a blanket.

“Peach Tree.”  Aw!  This is definitely on the Americana tip, the cheerier folk that sounds like it should accompany — oh my gosh she just said “you promised me newborn bunnies,” this is the most adorable thing.  Anyway.  This sounds like it should accompany a party that features homemade pie and possibly a maypole or another activity that involves dancing together in a circle while wearing flowers in your hair.  I’m just thinking about a modernized grown-up version of the pink dress with the flowercrown and the pinafore that Kirsten the American Girl wore for her birthday and the kind of event where you’d wear that.

“Ned Kelly.”  Oh!  This is nice too.  I’m not feeling particularly creative about describing it but it’s a pleasant little plaintive tune using outlaws as a metaphor.  Yeah.

“Glory Down.”  Harmonies like singing devotionals at a church that they had a buildin’ party for with the townsfolk.  Guitar like the same.  Like they’re still waitin’ for the organ to come in from the East but they’ll make do with what the folks have layin’ around their houses.  And whistling.  There is whistling.

“Slow Down.”  Mmm oh my initial reaction to all of these songs is to just sink back against my pillows and smile even if they’re not really happy, because that’s my reaction where twang is involved.  I’m just falling into these songs and shutting my eyes as I type this (which means I’m having to open them every so often to retype correctly, whoops) and really being.

“Too Old To Die Young.”  Aw.  This is so cute!  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a cover of the song by the same name that I know too well from the Southern Gothic tag (that could have been neat, actually) or any other song by that name, but it’s some other lovely little joybomb of a song that’s deceptively morbid and that excites me.

“Set Me Free.”  Oh my goodness they’re just upping the twang as they go and it’s making me happy and all I can think about is the scene in Deadwood after Alma and Ellsworth’s wedding where everyone is dancing and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  I just want to drink  these songs like sweet lemonade.

“Broken Two.”  And we’re ending on a gloomier tip, but it’s still so gosh darn pretty.

–your fangirl heroine.

valid optimism


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