Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there’s meta and teamwork and also Tuxedo Kamen is kind of a creepy asshole.

8 Oct

“Those who take advantage of youthful passion must answer to me!”


Aww, cute artist students calling their prof or boss or whatever out on subtly insinuating the drawing needed to be sexier. And there’s Ami finding their dropped folder to deliver, but not until she goes to cram school. But she just saw Nephrite driving by way too fast in his car and she put that together!

Does Hiromi need to use… special pencils? She’s using their magical special friendship pencils. Aw, that’s sweet. Friends. “We’ll only use them for the ultimate anime that won’t ruin children’s dreams, okay? “ That’s adorable. And pinky swearing. But Hiromi has used her pencils so much and they’re almost gone, so she’d better do something.

Do you really get fans just walking into your studio all the time, Hiromi? That sounds sketchy.

But Mercury is there to best him already, or try to do, but not succeed. And Ami is going to come and investigate the situation. And Usagi is sad she didn’t go help because she wants souvenirs from the Sailor V anime.

Rei is so skeptical of anime, though. Despite being in one. Except that she’s not actually skeptical, she’s actually a fangirl in her terrible pink overalls and she just didn’t want to admit it, which makes no sense.

Nephrite having a drink on the porch of his weird forest lair.

And Rei and Usagi are freaking out and Hiromi is being mean about it. I like that the Sailor V anime is staffed almost entirely by women, though. That’s nice.

And Hiromi wants to kill off the heroine of their anime in their anime. That’s not good. Also, spoiler: kids do not want to see their heroines killed off. And hey, Hiromi, hey, teamwork is not useless.

Monster time!

Twin monsters there to fight the senshi. They’re tied together with friendship and replicating the girls’ attacks and oh no! Best figure out something new to do. Except they’re bickering about who’s going to finish the thing so the senshi can use REAL teamwork to best them. And especially radical musical accompaniment. Flaming bubble tiara!

And Kazuko’s been using her pencils, too, so it’s all okay! They’re still going to be friends and they’re still going to draw anime! Awwwwwwwwwwww. My heart is melting.

Her first kiss, thwarted by Nephrite.

A police checkpoint? Oh no! Naru –chan, oh no, she’s brooding about her inappropriately older and also evil secret crush.

The First Princess of the Kingdom of Diamonds, which is not actually a… I can’t tell if that’s an actual kingdom or a business that’s styled after royalty. I think it’s actual royalty?

Also, Princess Diamond of the Kingdom of Diamonds, that’s not a particularly creative name. But everyone thinks it’s the Silver Crystal. Spoiler alert, it isn’t.

Awwww Zoisite and Kunzite hanging out because they are lovers.

Ami-chan is so helpful. Rei-chan is somewhat abrasive.

Oh, I forgot that Mr. Tsukino had a magazine that he’s now going to the banquet for.

Also, Luna, why are you freaking about her using the disguise pen wasn’t the point to be able to get her into things that she’d need to investigate for Sailor Moon business? Kind of.

Flashbacks to the Silver Millennium, where Tuxedo Kamen is being addressed by the Moon Princess, who spoiler alert is Usagi. Nobody can tell by the hairdo? Flashback in a dream.

She’s the Princess of Ivanovich. That doesn’t even sound like a kingdom. “It’s like being in a foreign movie!” Usagi crows. Also there’s Naru. And Ami and Rei showed up too, though Ami and Rei’s dresses look considerably less formal than everyone else’s.

Usagi, can’t you tell that it’s Nephrite? Ami can tell when it’s Nephrite.

And Tuxedo Kamen is here to investigate and REMEMBER WHO HE IS now too.

Wait, Tuxedo Kamen. You recognize that the girl WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE MOON PRINCESS might be the Moon Princess?

“You are like the stars glistening in the heavens,” Nephrite says. Naru, you really should realize that you’re being skeezed on by a monster and also by a dude who is WAY TOO OLD FOR YOU.

I also like that the crowd looks like it’s comprised of different people when she’s looking at it close up but when it’s a view of the periphery of the crowd dancing it’s the same couple looping.

Also, I’m glad the guards are perplexed by the fact that this crazed PURPLE girl is here to freak out on the princess. Who looks like a female version of Umino-kun. And now is possessed by the monster that had been possessing Naru as Naru collapses on the floor.

I also really like that nobody tried to stop the cat from getting into the fancy party.

And Tuxedo Kamen rescued Usagi from falling off the building. Woooooow Ami and Rei’s dresses are really awful. Good thing they’ve transformed into their senshi fuku.

And that her umbrella is apparently magical. Good call, Luna.

“Who are you?” Mercury asks. “I also wish to know who I am,” Tuxedo Kamen replies, full of manpain. And Mercury especially is concerned about whether he’s on their side or not, but Usagi still hasn’t transformed because she’s too busy hearteyeing.

“Come to life, my doppelganger,” Nephrite says. I don’t think he knows what doppelganger means. Because the possessed princess seems more like a puppet.

Oh, there’s the doppelganger. In his possessing shadow imploring them to “die a painful death!”

But Mercury’s bubble fog distracted the shadow and now Moon’s tiara can best it.

And now everyone at the party is perplexed and brainwiped. Poor Mr. Tsukino, with his important film missing. Sorry, buddy.

You sure did waste your time, Nephrite. But the senshi didn’t waste their time, and Usagi, that wasn’t juice sweetling. Tuxedo Kamen is here to… uh oh Tuxedo Kamen, don’t kiss the drunk fourteen year old NO DON’T DO THAT THING!!!!!!! EWWWWWW.

–your fangirl heroine.

stop it


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