Fashion Friday :: how have I not done this already?

26 Sep

nick fury

And by that I mean pinup Nick Fury.

belted faux leather coat (kenneth cole)

And the coat is the most important part of pinup Nick Fury, obviously.  Belted Faux Leather Coat, Kenneth Cole.

slim fit skinny pants in black (pinup girl couture)

This is gonna be more of a pants outfit, some of them just naturally are.  Slim Fit Skinny Pants in Black, Pinup Girl Couture.

design your night out top (modcloth)

I don’t know, exactly, I just like the tiny details of this one.  Design Your Night Out Top, ModCloth.

steam punctual boot (modcloth)

A little bit of detail work there.  Also the title is A+.  Steam Punctual Boot, ModCloth.

there's a map for that necklace in silver (modcloth)

And finally, this just seems to go.  There’s a Map For That Necklace in Silver, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

oh don't even


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