Television Tuesday :: Deadwood and relationships, part one

23 Sep

I was okay and at the moment I’m sort of not and I’ll be writing about SHIELD tomorrow which is good because it will allow me to calm down a little.  But!  The other thing we did tonight was start showing yet another one of our friends Deadwood, and I would like to talk about something I’ve talked about before, but in somewhat more detail and as the first of many installments of this.

Platonic relationships.

Some of the best moments in this show are platonic relationships, and so many of them are small moments, or they’re momentary things, not every one of them gets showcased always, but they’re all so important to the characters.

I mean, you have Seth (Timothy Olyphant) and Sol (John Hawkes), they’re partners and teammates and they work together but they’re such opposites, Seth is impetuous and driven by honor and sometimes violent and he needs the way Sol is better at talking to strangers and better at appearing personable to balance him out.

Jane (Robin Weigert) and Bill (Keith Carradine) and Charlie (Dayton Callie) and the way that Bill joins the other two together and Jane is so abrasive toward Charlie but when the situation calls for it Charlie still holds Jane when she cries and helps her do the right things.

Jane and Doc Cochran (Brad Dourif) and the way that they’ve barely even met but he’s very adamant about letting her help care for Sofia-whose-name-they-do-not-know-yet (Bree Seanna Wall) and telling her that it’s okay that Al (Ian McShane) scared her and that she has a gift for caring for the girl.  Also the way that Doc Cochran is so adamant about caring for Sofia in general.

Platonic relationships.

–your fangirl heroine.

crying times


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