Music Monday :: my thoughts on In My Dreams

22 Sep

All right!  Another “I don’t know who this is but I’m ready let’s do this” listen.

“I Faked It.”  According to Wikipedia one of her influences is the films of Wes Anderson.  That’s cool.  I really enjoy how sort of chill this is and the different things that this song could be about.  It seems very… I don’t know.  Applicable and relevant and mellow and somewhat sad but not gloomy, just vaguely realistic.

“Take Me Outside.”  And then the guitars start and there are harmonies and it sounds like a cartoon from the 1970s about a groovy rock band, sort of, but she says “blow my fucking head” either “up” or “off” and it’s lovely and wonderful.  I think I like this lady’s outlook on life.  She seems like she’s both whimsical and someone who has their head on pretty straight.

“Telephones.”  This does sound very… sweet, I guess?  Even though it’s not, entirely.  There’s a certain vintage tone to it, but not vintage to any one particular time, really.  Also, “if I had another lover, could I keep you on the side.”  She sounds considerably cuter than she ought when she says that.  “You used to make my Mondays Saturdays,” that’s the sweetest damn sentiment.  Also, “when we’re alone together, talking like babies.”  This is just adorable.

“Mountains to the Mess.”  I really like whatever she’s doing with unusual note placement in this song.  It’s got a bit of that groovy 1970s element to it, also.  “You can’t understand my mind but it’s not for you to know,” that’s a nice sentiment also.

“Field Song.”  OH there is echoing now, too, it sounds very severely indie/Wes Anderson but in a really lovely interesting way.  This is another album I’m getting lost in just because I want to pick up the lyrics and I keep forgetting to type.  “When you’re ice cold you feel no pain so tell me off or go away,” that’s nice too.  And I understand the sentiment of it a lot, yes.

“Untouchable.”  OH OH my this is lovely and slightly lo-fi and vintage but… I don’t know, I feel like the orchestrations are vintage but her voice is not?  It’s interesting.  It’s a contrast that I don’t really know the proper musical terms to describe but that I really enjoy.  This would be good for blues dancing.  I miss blues dancing a lot sometimes, and most of those times are when I hear songs like this.

“Pretty Things.”  This might probably have a use for me someday.  This sounds a little 1970s too, but also very straight-up indie and wistful but not wispy or anything.  “It shakes you up until you’re nothing, it shakes you up till you’re a pretty thing.

“In My Dreams.”  Hhhn.  I feel like everything should be tinted vaguely sepia and I should probably be slow-dancing or laying in a field looking up at the sky or something.  It’s that sort of wistful.  It sounds… old.  And new.  And like probably I should be wearing a lace dress and a flower crown and penny loafers that don’t entirely match.  “I’m beginning to think you only exist in my dreams.”  Which is a sentiment I don’t always appreciate, but here it’s done cutely so I’m up for it.  Also it has a built-in reprise.

“Wind Will Blow.”  And now it’s back to a slightly less up sort of wistful, but I like that.  Gosh.  I just sat here and listened to the whole thing and didn’t type anything because I was having a lot of indistinct feelings.

“Dancing.”  This has almost a slightly Southern Gothic twang to it, though she’s from Nova Scotia.  Like if Southern Gothic joined up with The Virgin Suicides.  “I knew I was worth something but the future made me sad.”  Oh, gosh, yes, I understand that one too.  Gosh.

–your fangirl heroine.

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