Sundry Sunday :: Comicon, day 2.

21 Sep

A slightly more tenuous connection today, but still in the casual MCU category.

Today she was Natasha circa Winter Soldier when they’re dressed up like hipsters at the mall and I was Darcy circa Thor 2 when… this.  Except for it was much too hot to wear a knit hat (and the scarf came off pretty much whenever pictures weren’t happening) so I didn’t do that, but these will be reprised next con, so.  Then our other lovely came today and was Jane, and then we happened to find a Thor and request him to do photographs, which he very gamely agreed to, and that third one is a picture of me as Darcy taking a picture of them as Thor and Jane because Darcy would totally be all over that.

This Iron Man was actually someone I saw yesterday and I just forgot to upload the picture, so here!!

This was exciting because I have seen many Aryas but I have not seen any that come with a Syrio Forel before.

And Amber’s is about the only Sucker Punch costume I still make a point to photograph every time.  Just for sentimental reasons.

Finally, I have here a steampunk Tinkerbell, which is amazing.  Her wings were works of art.  The whole outfit was really A+.

–your fangirl heroine.



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