Fashion Friday :: reigning badass.

12 Sep

Reigning… over what, exactly?  That remains to be seen.  But if there is something to be reigned over, Maria Hill has the capability to reign over it.

ashley dress in navy sateen (pinup couture)

I guess I’m going for a vaguely quasi-uniform/military vibe here.  That suits Maria.  Ashley Dress in Navy Sateen, Pinup Couture.

a lotus to love bootie (modcloth)

I also… cannot resist.  These are vaguely boots, and in that way uniform, but they have velvet ribbons that are blue to match the dress.  A Lotus to Love Bootie, ModCloth.

undisputed class watch in gold/black (modcloth)

I feel like Maria is the one who always has a watch and everyone’s always asking her for the time and she rolls her eyes like “why don’t you get your own damn watch?” but tells them anyway because she was expecting it.  Undisputed Class Watch in Gold/Black, ModCloth.

every day, everywhere bag in black (modcloth)

And Maria is, as I have said about others in the past, also The One Whose Giant Purse Carries Everyone’s Lives In It.  That just makes sense.  Every Day, Everywhere Bag in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

innocent face forever


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