Things in Print Thursday :: lusting after another other English department’s courses.

11 Sep

So I did some research, and the popular opinion seems to be that the University of Berkeley has the best English undergraduate program in the country.  I’m sure a lot of this comes down to the professors and the individualized aspects of the class, but I got really curious — what are some of the special topics that they have to offer?  What might I, as an English major, have had there that I did not have at my significantly smaller and less fancy university?

Well, they have a Shakespeare course, who doesn’t?  They have several Shakespeare courses, including a Shakespeare and Film.

Literature of American Cultures, African American Literature and Culture, and Chicana/o Literature and Culture are things that my university definitely did not have.  Which doesn’t surprise me, sadly.  And there are a variety of these courses, too.

Children’s Literature… if there was a class like that, it was for the education department and I didn’t know about it.  My upper-division British literature class focused on novels about children/young adults (bildungsroman stuff) but.

Introduction to Old English is something I spent about a week doing in my first term of survey-level Brit lit, but I’m the person who would enjoy it as a whole class, too.  That’s not quite special topics but it seems that way to me.

Writing courses devoted to specific forms of storytelling.  That sounds enviable.  I don’t know if we had those, either, but it’s noteworthy.

Literature and Sexual Identity.  Literature and Psychology.  Literature and Disability.  Literature and Popular Culture.  I’m melting.  Those all sound brilliant.

–your fangirl heroine.

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