Music Monday :: my thoughts on Aurora

1 Sep

Or, go to and click on a random lady album.  I have never heard of this woman before.  But it’s a short album and it’s something to do and why not.

“Phosphoresence.”  Ambient noise overture.

“This City.”  And suddenly she’s doo-doo-dooing like she’s the soundtrack to Gilmore Girls.  I’m not complaining, I like that, but it’s not what the ambient noise overture suggested to me was about to happen, I guess is the thing.  She’s got an accent, so I’m into that.  This is kind of like… it sounds like she’s a princess in outer space.  Possibly she has magical powers.  I don’t know.  It’s a combination of vibes that adds up to that.

“Feet in the Sand.”  Yes, this is totally the song a princess in outer space would sing about being at the beach.  The space beach.  I have a great lack of articulate comments to make about this but I like it, I think.

“Pillow.”  “Did you know sometimes when you’re not at home I go over to your pillow?  I breathe you in and I smile.  When you’re here in the kitchen washing dishes I watch and I think you’re delicious.  I drink you in and I smile.”  Oh, gosh, this is lovely.  There’s a lot more (when you dream, when you’re alone) but gosh it’s so pretty.  Contextually, of course.

“Sometimes.”  This is a very eerie album but it’s not creepy.  If that makes sense.  The outer space princess is very wistful but not melancholy, too.  It’s nice.  It’s an atmosphere I don’t know how to create and I don’t know what comprises it entirely but I like it.

“Niamh.”  And listen to that instrumentation and harmonies oh gosh.  Also oh look it’s a pretty Irish girl’s name titling the song.

“Red Dust.”  The satellite phone.  Yes, space princess.  This is so that nice kind of wistful, too.  Missing you but she doesn’t sound gloomy about it, just straightforward.   That’s very welcome, I think.  It’s the Eisley kind of missing someone.  Even though tonally she doesn’t sound that much like Eisley.

“When I See You.”  This one sounds a little darker, sparer, but still not glum.  It’s the latest thing of ending on a slower, more minor key sort of track and I like it.  “When I hear your voice, rich enough to destroy though I’ve made my choice, but I want you.”  That’s cool.  I feel like she’s really made up her mind here, even if it’s still nostalgic.

–your fangirl heroine.

it's a lot worse than it sounds

2 Responses to “Music Monday :: my thoughts on Aurora”

  1. Rose Wintergreen September 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    Oh, thank you! What a beautiful review! You made me cry with happiness 🙂

    • partlydrawn September 2014 at 5:07 pm #

      You’re very welcome! Your album was a wonderful surprise.

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