Things in Print Thursday :: the book-show roundup oooone last time.

28 Aug

It feels arbitrary to look at book seven for this, but I did 1-6 matched up to the correct number of books so I’ll do 7 that way too.  That means I’m going off the Wikipedia summary of All Together Dead.

“The summit, which has attracted undead power players from all over the central United States, is sure to be tense, due partly to the ramping up of protests by the conservative, anti-vampire Fellowship of the Sun.”  Well, there are protests from conservative anti-vampire groups thanks to the legions of hep V vampires?  But the Fellowship has been disbanded for seasons.   “Accused of murdering her husband, the King of Arkansas, Sophie-Anne is set to stand trial at the convention. The Queen is already in a precarious position, her power base weakened by the damage to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, and there are some vampires who would like to finish what nature started. Sophie-Anne’s main accuser is Jennifer Cater, a vampire who had been training to be the king’s lieutenant at the time of his death. Jennifer is determined to see Sophie-Anne staked in the sun for murdering the king, although Sookie knows the Queen is innocent of the crime.”  Blah blah, Sophie-Anne has been dead for seasons, murdered by Bill Compton, who succeeded her as the King of Louisiana. Arkansas?  What the hell does Arkansas have to do with anything in the show?

“Sophie-Anne plans to put Sookie’s gift to good use, having her ‘listen in’ on the thoughts of the humans working for the other vampires at the convention as well as for the hotel, as alliances are formed and allegiances tested in what can only be described as a political power struggle of potentially deadly implications.”  And (allegedly) the reason behind Sophie being murdered was that Bill wanted to keep her from using Sookie, so that’s irrelevant.  Sookie is just listening in to humans, largely her fellow townsfolk.  “The story opens with Sookie entering Fangtasia to talk to Eric and those who pay him fealty, as they discuss the accusations against Sophie-Anne. Sookie agrees to work for Sophie-Anne, despite the warnings of her fairy godmother, Claudine, that being at the convention will forever tie Sookie to vampire politics in the mind of all of the attendees, in a very public way. Meanwhile, her relationship with Quinn heats up.”  Sophie is dead, Claudine is dead, Quinn never existed.  She… entered Fangtasia while talking to Eric…?

“At the convention, Sookie meets Barry “Bellboy” Horowitz, the only other telepath she knows.”  Barry, last we saw him, was in Faery when the portal closed ro whatever.  “Soon after they arrive, Jennifer Cater and most of the Arkansas entourage are brutally murdered, which simplifies the trial for the Queen. Sookie soon proves invaluable to the Queen as she makes the great suggestion that the Queen appoint her closest friend and ‘child,’ Andre, to be King of Arkansas, and then to marry him. Sookie also finds a bomb planted outside of the Louisiana suite, and saves the Queen. She also uncovers something shocking about Quinn—as a teen, he killed a group of men who were raping his mother, and then became indebted to some local vampires in order to cover up the crime. He had to work as a weretiger/gladiator in a ring for three years, and in the process became a fearsome fighter.”  Okay… what even?  I read this damn book and I’d forgotten about all of that.

At the Queen’s trial, Sookie saves the queen yet again as, being the only witness, she applies logic to prove that the queen is innocent and that her accusers are being manipulated. In response, one of the main accusers is staked right in the courtroom. Impressed with her usefulness, Andre accosts Sookie and begins to force her to exchange blood with him, to tie her permanently and closely to the queen. She escapes this violation only by the intercession of Eric, who has her exchange more blood with him. This third, major blood exchange with Eric causes Sookie to become more powerful, and frighteningly vampiric, even though she is still human. She can feel Eric very powerfully, and he now has the power to turn her into a vampire at any time. Sookie realizes with dread that she will never be free of Eric’s control.”  La la la leading up to a potentially Eric-related endgame (ha).  The show only barely even hinted at the fact that Eric and Sookie were close this season.  There were maybe 3/10 episodes where Eric and Sookie even appeared in the same scene.  And mind you, I… am not opposed to Eric/Sookie in some contexts, I am certainly comfier with it than I am with Bill/Sookie or the like, but I wasn’t jonesing for endgame.  I don’t think that, especially in the show context, they would be a good endgame.   I do think that Eric loved Sookie (I trust Nora’s observation about this) and I do think that Sookie loved Eric, but I think they both knew it wouldn’t be a forever thing.

“Sookie and Barry the Bellboy then put together a number of clues they have had throughout the convention and realize that multiple bombs have been planted throughout the hotel by the Fellowship of the Sun, and they are set to go off during the daytime when the vampires will all be asleep and helpless. She and Barry’s quick thinking enable some vampires and some humans to get free, and Barry and Sookie team up to use their telepathy to find injured humans. Sookie finds Andre, who has only minor injuries, and watches impassively as Quinn stakes him in order to free her from his control. Queen Sophie-Anne escapes, but loses her legs. Sookie rescues Eric and Pam, and they and Bill escape with minor injuries, but the death toll for humans and vampires is very high.”   Okay.  If you try to compare the show to this it is actual nonsense.

And for the heck of it I just looked at the summary of the last book and… gosh, well, it is… well.

–your fangirl heroine.

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