Fashion Friday :: as requested.

22 Aug


I’ve had legitimate requests for pinup Loki, so I’m obliging.

micheline dress in green with black lace (pinup couture)

Black and green, that’s a start.  Micheline Dress in Green with Black Lace, Pinup Couture.

layer it on tights in black (modcloth)

A lot of these wind up having black tights because it’s me styling them, honestly.  Layer it On Tights in Black, ModCloth.

buckle up, chum! bootie in noir (modcloth)

We need to get that gold worked in there somehow.  Buckle Up, Chum! Bootie in Noir, ModCloth.

ava necklace in green (pinup couture)

I’m not sure why, but this necklace just really suits to me.  Ava Necklace in Green, Pinup Couture.

chain the rules hair comb (modcloth)

And similarly, I’m not even sure why this strikes my fancy, but it really does.  Chain the Rules Hair Comb, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

cut it the fuck out


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