Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Rei is potentially not fooled by a lack of top hat and Ami actively prefers studying to romance.

20 Aug

I don’t immediately remember this one from the summary on Hulu, either. But it is another one about specifically targeting the energy of young girls. Social whtever.

“Rei, you have some nice encyclopedias…” in a tone of awe. Bless you Ami-chan. The mission to protect everyone from the monsters! Focusing on that. Doing research about wacky things happening in the city that might be evil. They would never get anywhere without Ami-chan.

“I’m not going to give you many more chances to redeem yourself.” “Remember, you are expendable.”

Why is she so excited about a carousel I’m sure she’s been on a carousel before she is just easily excited and it’s silly.

Talking lion. Cray anime princess.

You think the magic apple that operates the animatronic animals might be evil?? Good call, Rei.

And I love how baffled Ami is by the argumentative banter that Usagi and Rei are already doing.

Okay, teams being Usagi+Rei and Ami+Luna is actually a horrible idea. Mostly because of the argumentative banter and also Ami and Luna are significantly more logical than Usagi and Rei.

Giant panda train what the hell.

That is terrifying.

“Bun-Head?! That’s classic.” How???? Like… a bun is literally a kind of hairstyle it’s not even a pun or a joke or anything.

“That guy in front of us. Don’t you think he looks kind of like Tuxedo Mask?” OH I DON’T KNOW REI DID IT TAKE YOUR SPECIAL PSYCHIC DIVINATION POWERS TO BE ABLE TO NOTICE THAT

“There’s an evil aura.” Good call, Rei. While Ami is inside looking for clues and getting sucked into it. And then Usagi and Rei argue about who’s more worried about Ami, basically. Goofballs.


Exorcizing the grayscale

I’m so confused about why all of the hallucinations and dreams are automatically floral but I guess it’s just very kawaii or something, I don’t know.

Ohhhh creepy doll little-bad. That’s very alarming.

Tuxedo Kamen on a horse out of nowhere. “Wow, how stunning!”

Real Tuxedo Kamen rose-blasting the little-bad while Mars and Moon are off riding a fake carousel with the fake Tuxedo kamen.

“Stick to dreaming only when you’re asleep. Farewell.” He is ACTUALLY THE MOST USELESS.

“Everyone! That apple is what is absorbing their energy!” NO KIDDING. She didn’t even need her computer to tell you that.

Uncomfortable panty shot.

I really love that Bubble Spray actually confuses all of the little bads. Like you genuinely can’t see through fog.


“Curses…those sailor guardians…I’ll get them for this.” Weren’t you planning on getting them anyway?

I’m also really amused by the fact that they brought their talking cat to the amusement park and nobody finds that weird or even seems to notice.

“I Want a Boyfriend: The Luxury Cruise Ship Is a Trap.”


“I mean, don’t you feel bad for the single girls?” Your logic is minimal, Usagi.

“That girl is becoming quite a nuisance.” As Jadeite is antagonistically hit on by a little-bad. “You remember me? I’m honored, Jadeite.” “You haven’t changed much, have you sir? Your response is always cold every time I come to express my love for you.”  The power dynamics in the Negaverse are waaaay not vanilla.

Romantic cruises. “A luxury liner with room for 666 passengers.” Kids, that is actually the most obvious clue. Look out. But seriously, a luxury romance cruise sounds like actually the worst idea. Being stuck on a boat with a bunch of strangers. Ew.

Rei-chan is very serious business about everything.

“Their usual silly fight.” That about sums it up.

“You’re supposed to go with your boyfriend.” And then… Rei-chan invites Ami-chan. So Ami can study the ship, Rei suggests, and Rei can go boyfriend hunting. That’s kind of adorable.

Yes, Usagi, putting your cat in a box is a really great idea.

“Enchanted with your seawater magic.”

“We’re the only two girls who are here by yourselves.” I have a solution for that, girls. It doesn’t involve boyfriends, but y’know.

Usagi freaks out about how cute the captain is while Luna is in the box freaking out about the intense aura. Rei wants to troll for guys who have just broken up and Ami wishes she stayed home to study.

“We have a situation! This ship is full of evil energy!” Oh, Luna.

Jadeite finally realized he had to disguise himself when on these missions, apparently.

“Anything to get away from here!” BLESS YOU AMI-CHAN.

The most romantic show in the entire world is a disco ball snowing on you while a chick in a body suit laughs maniacally. That’s bad marketing. “Continue your romantic dreams in hell!”

“Why didn’t you two come with boys?” “Shut up! We’ve got our reasons!”

I… am just going to leave that there out of context.

Except by going outside you freed the area up for Mars and Mercury to transform.

Oh baby girl your bubbles don’t seem like the most effective weapon around the water-manipulator but apparently they are.

I just need to transcribe this entire conversation.

Jadeite: I underestimated you, girls. But then, you’ve gotten a lot more skilled since the last time we met…

Moon: End of the line, Jadeite!

Mars: You’ve made me seriously angry!

Mercury: Both of you, don’t let your guard down.

Jadeite: How insolent! This ends now!

And then he disappears. Summoned by Queen Beryl, who is going to punish him for using her prize monster without her permission.  This is so so amazing.

–your fangirl heroine.

sweet summer child


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