Music Monday :: a love letter to Lucius and Sara Bareilles’ live shows

11 Aug

Oh gosh.  I regret to say that we were too late to catch but a couple songs by the opening opening act, Emily King (parking was wild, as the crowd was much, much larger than we anticipated — not a bad thing, just a thing) but by the time we sat down (it was an outdoor concert, bring-your-own-blanket and the like, so we did have to search a bit for an available patch of grass to plant ourselves on) we could take a breath before Lucius began.

What a lot of fun they are!  They opened with “Turn it Around,” I believe, and did almost all of the tracks off of their album (one exception, funnily enough, was “Hey Doreen” — which I love, but which I also hear nearly every day I’m at work) as well as “Genevieve” which I hadn’t heard before but enjoyed quite a lot.  And gosh, they’re just… a delight.  They have this very vintage sensibility but they are also very modern and it’s wonderful.  Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are a joy to watch (I love it when girls bounce when playing their instruments, I really do) and the harmonies are splendid.

I don’t know how many people were there to hear these guys or even how many had heard of them before that night; there weren’t a lot of people getting off their butts and really grooving.  I didn’t do that, because I generally don’t dance at concerts (or anywhere else if it’s improvisation; I like going dancing, proper partner things, but just standing there and shaking it I’m very uncomfortable doing) but given the way that people were doing that during Sara’s performance I expect they would have been more inclined had they heard Lucius.

I was conveniently there to hear both of them, though.  And Sara did not disappoint either, she was a delight.  There were a few people up and grooving through all of her songs and another reasonable amount who’d hop up and groove when she specifically requested it; we did not groove, but this did not minimize our enjoyment.  I’m that girl who goes to concerts with a list of songs she wants to hear (in my case often largely comprised of songs I’ve used on fanmixes, and I admit this) and a reasonable amount of my list got filled: “Hercules,” “Gonna Get Over You,” “King of Everything,” “I Choose You,” “Eden.”  Especially “Eden.”  “Eden” is an important song and it makes both of us feel a lot of things, so we were very happy to hear it.

She did a fair amount of the new songs and hits, “Little Black Dress” and “Manhattan” and “Gravity” and “Love Song” and “Brave” on top of the ones that I listed before; she did a few other songs here and there.  She also is apparently writing the music for a musical version of the movie Waitress, which I was very happy to hear, and she sang a song from that.  I forget exactly what it was called but it was very pretty.  (She also belted part of “Suddenly Seymour” in her discussion of her musical theatre past and I lamented the fact that she did not sing the entire thing.  Both because I want to hear her do it and because gosh I have the softest spot for Little Shop.)

All in all… what a lovely evening.

–your fangirl heroine.



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