Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Dom Hemingway

9 Aug

Is this actually still in theaters anymore?  I don’t know.  I just saw it on Pay Per View and it seemed like a thing to do.  I wouldn’t have given a damn, honestly, if I hadn’t already known that the movie eventually featured my girl Emilia Clarke.  And honestly, that was really about the only thing I did give a damn about while watching it.

Which is not to say that in its own way it’s not a good film.  It is.  It’s just… mostly a movie about dudes, and dudes are not my thing.  Douche dudes with angst are not my thing.  Jude Law was very good at being a douche dude with angst (and he working-classed his accent well) but I didn’t have enough sympathy for him to keep me engaged in the plot of the film.

The fact that I would gladly have watched stories about a lot of the side characters probably says something, though I’m not sure whether it’s something about me or something about movies at large.  I would have watched a story about Emilia’s character Evelyn and her Senegalese boyfriend Hugh (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and their kid Jawara (Jordan Nash) and their friends.  What were they like what did they do how did they meet how serious was their band who were the other members of their band were they friends etcetera.  I would have watched a story about the former rival’s kid Lestor (Jumayn Hunter) and his life.  I would have even watched a story about Melody (Kerry Condon) and why this slightly ditzy cute optimistic American girl was hanging out with criminals in Europe.

And Emilia also working-classed her accent well.  I’m just such an accent nerd.  Also I like that it wasn’t a finite ending and that she didn’t forgive her douche dad so easily but there was maybe room for it if he actually proved himself not a douche as much but that wasn’t the point.

–your fangirl heroine.

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