Fashion Friday :: because I said so.

8 Aug

I’m doing pinup Sif now because she has a ~superhero costume~ so that counts and whatever she’s badass.  The end.

sif (jaimie alexander)


glitz silver bolero (tatyana)

Ignore the dress, because that’s irrelevant at the moment.  I’d just like to draw your attention to the bolero, because metallic is important.  Glitz Silver Bolero, Tatyana.

boss lady peplum top in black (pinup girl clothing)

I’m not always wild about peplums, honestly, but I think the waist detailing works here.  Boss Lady Peplum Top in Black, Pinup Girl Clothing.

perfect pencil skirt in burgundy (dixiefried)

Separates.  Separates are important.  And pretty burgundy is important.  Perfect Pencil Skirt in Burgundy, Dixiefried.

strappy to be here tights (modcloth)

My rationale here is this: underneath that skirt, you wouldn’t actually be able to see any of the stripes here.  But I like the stripes, they feel appropriate, and they’d compliment whatever excellent lingerie she had.  Strappy to Be Here Tights, ModCloth.

the estate of things heel (poetic license)

Ssssh.  The color scheme suits and I like them.  The Estate of Things Heel in Black, Poetic License at ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



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