Music Monday :: my thoughts on When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day

5 Aug

So I admit I haven’t actually heard but a couple of Mirel Wagner’s songs yet (ones on 8tracks, mostly “No Death” which brings me joy because it’s her singing about “death has a right and a claim to my bride,” the one  on my Southern Gothic Game of Thrones mix) but I really like what I’ve heard and here is a convenient live stream.

“1 2 3 4.”  Oh well listen to that twang.  I like that her voice is kind of… sparse, I guess?  She’s almost talking but in tune, and it super works for what she’s doing.  It’s somewhat creepy (especially here, “1 2 3 4 what’s underneath the floor” when it sounds like what’s under the floor is probably, you know, murder or something, given how she’s saying it) but I like it a lot.  I am a creepy and morbid person sometimes so I like my twang to be that, too.

“The Dirt.”  GUITAR more guitar.  I’m so into this.  This is creepy and atmospheric and usable and I don’t care that she’s Ethiopian-born Finnish, this is so Southern Gothic it’s perfect and I adore it.  “Mama it’s gonna be all right, tell me the stories one more time, where the grass is green and the water runs wild, where forever is forever and no one has to die.”  Give me this thing.  This has its time and place and I am so just… enchanted by it oh my gosh I’m getting legitimate chills.  “Mama I know I’m ready now, I’m not afraid you don’t need to cry, I’ll just close my eyes and wake up into a new life, Mama there is no need to cry.”  I am having feelings.  I’m not even sure what feelings I’m having but I’m having a lot of them.

“Ellipsis.”  Every one of these guitar riffs-of-kinds is thrilling me a lot.  This just feels really warm-but-not-happy and comforting-but-not-content and just… contradictory-but-also-complete.  I am so into this.  Guitar.  I’m getting nonsensical but this is just vibing me in the perfect way.

“Oak Tree.”  More of that.  This is so great.  This is another song written about a lady and that makes me feel good and happy.  “My little soul is now feeling unbound.”  And with lyrics like that it’s going to be very useful and gosh but that echoing and it’s so beautiful.  I just want to roll around in this guitar work.

“In My Father’s House.”  Now it’s slower and softer.  Which makes sense, I think.  I can’t tell if she means her actual father or some religious figure but I don’t know if that really matters.  It’s still a pretty song and I like how reverent it sounds.

“Dreamt of  a Wave.”  OH.  This got rather minor and I like it.  It’s introspective as heck.  Folksy stuff can feel that way.    It’s just dark and comfortingly so and I am really happy about it.

“The Devil’s Tongue.”  And this feels a bit more… I don’t know, exactly, almost Deadwood.  And therefore important.  It’s got a certain old-timey quality to it, even her voice and the recording quality.  It’s rather nice.

“What Love Looks Like.”  Well.  Speaking of Deadwood!  This definitely sounds like Deadwood.  I like that Mirel Wagner’s voice sounds sort of like whispers sometimes, even if she’s definitely not whispering.  Emotionally it’s sort of a whisper, but a very almost vengeful pointed one.  Like the thing you’d whisper in the ear of someone you’re about to murder.  Yes, we’re back on that.  This is murder music, which I mean in the nicest way possible.

“Taller Than Tall Trees.”  Yes, definitely murder music.  Also Justified, rather.  Conveniently Deadwood and Justified are both chock-full of murder.  Oh that was almost a little growl and I liked it a lot.  This is like… contemporary murder folk.  Is that a genre?  It should be.  And I like that this is fading out, too.  That’s a nice touch.

“Goodnight.”  Twang goodnight.  Oh oh give me the thing I am so delighted by this right now.  This belongs in everything.  “I’ll push down the pillow with all of my might.”  Yes.  Contemporary murder folk.

–your fangirl heroine.

i am hardly listening


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