Fashion Friday :: because importance.

1 Aug

Sam Wilson is a freaking awesome character and here are clothes.


Pinup clothes that I am just fudging the hell out of right now.

a lovely pair dress (modcloth)

So Sam’s shirt is for realsies green.  It looks vaguely teal in the above picture, though, which is my excuse.  Also, this comes up when you search pinup and it has birds on it.  That’s clearly a sign.  A Lovely Pair Dress, ModCloth.

the dream of the crop cardigan in black (modcloth)

And because this just… I don’t know.  Makes it feel more complete.  The Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Black, ModCloth.

awash with lace heels (pinup girl clothing)

I don’t know.  These strike my fancy. Awash With Lace Heels, Pinup Girl Clothing.

40s round sunglasses in black and gold (pinup girl clothing)

Because goggles would look silly.  40s Round Sunglasses in Black and Gold, Pinup Girl Clothing.

–your fangirl heroine.

congratulations for not sucking


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