Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Mercury DOES SCIENCE and Mars is revealed!

31 Jul

I am in a rather rotten mood. I was planning on tonight being a Sailor Moon night anyway, but now I really, really need it to be. I need to revel in this big beautiful goofy-ass intro with the most lovely silly theme music and the tumblr-graphic styling.

“I bet even the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock is angry!”

Usage your speeches are the most ridiculous.

“Beware the Clock of Confusion.”

Queen Beryl, you are doing literally nothing with your hands.   I am still so amused about this.

Ughhhh Ami-chan being so overwhelmed by the shopping mall that she’s read about though and apologizing for everything. Sweet lovely darling.

That woman is very much sexier than a clock salesman usually is.

Oh my gosh this is so silly. But also seriously, people go ape for cray deals.

‘That thing has a very sinister look.” Yes, Luna, that’s a fair point, actually.

I also really like that Ami has practical solutions to things that don’t involve getting dragged into Negaverse schemes. Bless, Ami.


And Luna strapped the evil clock to her side so she could go running.

YES YES YES YES YES Ami’s tiny computer. “For calculation and analyzing data.”

Ominous organ music of research-aided discovery.

Nervous energy from everyone being anxious about being late for everything. This is fascinating.


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?” AMI-CHAN YOU ARE THE CUTEST.

Oh no Luna can’t go help! “This isn’t my day” she says.

Yes. That is how shadows work, show.

Ahahaha why is Mercury sprawled out on the ground their poses are the least practical.

“You were fools to enter my lair. This is where you will die!” The little-bads have really hilarious overconfidence.


And it’s such a retro computer with the blue screen and white letters. And “the labyrinth follows a pattern” and “I’m 78% certain she’s this way!”

Sailor Moon without energy and Mercury totally frozen and Tuxedo mask… standing brooding in the lobby until he thinks to throw his rose at the evil clock. And now the little-bad can’t see ‘cause Mercury made bubble fog. I love her freaking bubble fog so much.

Oh! I forgot Rei showed up so soon after Ami. Fun! Mars was never one of mine, exactly, but I do like her a lot.

“You’re so admirable, Ami,” Luna says. Ami and Luna get on so well.

Myyyyystery bus~ Oh this is spooky!

The Shrine Maiden. Who is Rei. With her crows. And her sketchy leering grandpa with the overlarge head. “He’s so weird.” “Was he seriously hitting on us?” “Stop hitting on everyone, would you?” Rei insists.


“I sense an evil aura.” And Rei’s charms that she’s had even pre-senshi.

Also I like that Luna finally realizes that the blond guy hanging around all of the magical crime scenes looks familiar.

Bless, Ami. Wondering how they all have time for being in love when they should be studying for their high school entrance exams. Also, “Usagi, we’re too young to understand what love is.” Because they are fourteen. Thank you for your practicality, Ami.

The evil bus full of lovey teenage girls that disappears into a portal in the sky. “Could it be a black hole? A fourth-dimensional rift? Or a tear in the magnetic field? What’s happening here?” BLESS, AMI. SCIENCE.

And Luna just sneakily drops the transformation pen for Rei. That’s so casual, Luna.

What else would she be trying to confirm, Usagi. What would it involve that wasn’t trying to figure out if Rei was one of the senshi?

I kind of forget why she’s a flight attendant. “Okay, now I’m not that scared.” “But why a flight attendant?” I’m right there with, Luna. And Usagi doesn’t even answer and now Ami will… have to deal with it.

And Rei is seein’ things in the flames~

So many evil buses floating in the evil hell dimension and Rei having just been sent there too and now they’re gonna fight the monster together eeee oh I am just so happy.

“Hold on! The cat just spoke to me?!” I like when they’re confused by things. Also “I don’t have a clue what’s happening, but I’ll give it a shot.” “What is this? What’s happening?” “I don’t know what’s going on, but you’ll pay for your evil deeds, monster!”

“Fire Soul!” That… is not the attack I grew up with. I believe that was “Mars Fire Ignite.”

Ami wishing on her pen and showing them the way out. Tuxedo Mask randomly driving a hell bus to get them out. Gosh. They are so cute with their teamwork.

And the beginnings of the great Moon-Mask-Mars love triangle.

–your fangirl heroine.



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