Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Godzilla

27 Jul

I just… hadn’t gotten around to seeing this, and hadn’t gotten around to seeing it, and now it’s at the $3 theater in my town and friends invited me to go this afternoon and so I said “why not?”  It was a decent way to spend the afternoon.

I think that’s the thing.  It was decent.  I’m not familiar with any other movie in the many Godzilla franchises, but it was pretty much exactly what I expected.  They spent more time on characters than some movies like this might, but also the complaints about there being too much of that that I overheard secondhand seem unfounded (I couldn’t tell you how Ford [Aaron Taylor-Johnson] and Elle [Elizabeth Olsen] met, or the first names of Drs. Serizawa [Ken Watanabe] and Graham [Sally Hawkins], or how the senior Brodys [Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche] came to be working on that science project to begin with, so clearly there wasn’t a lot of the depth or backstory that someone else might complain about but that I eat up).

I didn’t dislike any of the characters (though I will admit to having snarky words when my friends — avid Breaking Bad fans both — complained of Cranston’s Joe’s relatively early death, words like “if he hadn’t died imagine how much the movie would have gotten bogged down by his manpain!”) but I didn’t care a terrible lot about any of them as individuals.  We needed more of the doctors, easily, and probably less of Ford’s Odyssean quest to rejoin his wife and child amidst the monster mayhem, but overall… I don’t really know what I personally would have done differently.

In some of the moments I cared less for, my brain did wander back to Pacific Rim, though.  This is a film I’ve realized recently that I am more attached to than I ever anticipated, and maybe it’s partially because it came along at a time in my fiction-partaking life when I really needed something that made me as happy as it does (honestly, I’m still there), but it’s also because of what it does differently with the staples it used.  It’s not about “oh no, there’s a monster, let’s improvise a fix,” it’s about a world where the monsters are just part of life, where dealing with the monsters is routine.  They have to improvise details, but the action and conflict comes from something more… I don’t know.  Intimate than that.  Pacific Rim is such a gosh-darn intimate monster movie.  Godzilla was a nice monster movie, but I’m spoiled.

–your fangirl heroine.

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