Things in Print Thursday :: the overall statistics of the Pulitzer Prize and women.

17 Jul

Because it just occurred to me that I… should probably do an actual roundup of the statistics overall, because I’m genuinely curious.


17 out of 59 winners (or 28.8%) have been women.

25 out of 135 nominees (or 18.5%) have been women.


13 out of 84 winners (or 15.4%) have been women.

43 out of 144 nominees (or 29.8%) have been women.


7 out of 66 winners (or 10.6%) have been women.

17 out of 161 nominees (or 10.5%) have been women.


11 out of 127 winners (or 8.6%) have been women.

27 out of 193 nominees (or 13.9%) have been women.


15 out of 67 winners (or 22.3%) have been women.

38 out of 163 nominees (0r 23.3%) have been women.


12 out of 26 winners (or 46.1%) were women.


11 out of 53 winners (or 20.7%) have been women.

27 out of 152 nominees (or 17.7%) have been women.


5 out of 69 winners (or 7.2%) have been women.

9 out of 137 nominees (or 6.5%) have been women.

Special award

1 out of 40 winners (or .25%) has been a woman.


92 out of 591 winners (or 15.5%) have been women.

199 out of 1172 nominees (or 16.9%) have been women.

To put this in perspective, there are only 8 more women winners overall than there are winners in the drama category overall.

There are only 6 more women nominees overall than there are nominees in the biography category overall.

The now-defunct Novel category has the highest percentage of women winners, where Drama has the highest percentage of nominees; of currently active categories, Fiction has the highest percentage of women winners.  In both of the currently active cases, the percentage is still under 30%.

–your fangirl heroine.

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