Music Monday :: my thoughts on Alvvays

14 Jul

Another Monday, another round of “pick the NPR livestream that strikes my fancy.”  Today it’s a group called Alvvays.  I’ve never heard of them before, but there are ladies in the group, they’re from Toronto and the description says they’re about awkwardness and sound like beach pop.

“Adult Diversion.”  Yep.  There’s that beach guitar.  The lyrics website I found that already has this song posted has so many ?? where there should be complete lyrics, but they do list the phrase “is is a good time or is it highly inappropriate?” and I like that a lot, if it is in fact correct.  This is sweet and fun and could belong somewhere, I bet.

“Archie, Marry Me.”  Well, this is right to the point.  I admit that when I see the name Archie I will always think of Archie comics, so I assume this song is actually sung by Betty and/or Veronica.  It’s on the imperfect side of things, vocally, but in a plaintive kind of way that I don’t mind.

“Ones Who Love You.”  This has that indie movie atmospheric quality to it that I seem to gravitate toward somewhat unconsciously.  “And when lightning strikes I will be on my bike, I won’t be stuck inside, I will be taking flight.”  I really like that.

“Next of Kin.”  Oh, it’s so jaunty.  I’m not sure what else to say about it, but it’s very jaunty and summery and not in a way that makes me want to run inside and turn the lights off and hibernate (like actual summer does sometimes, I’ll admit).

“Party Police.”  I really love this title.  There is not a website that has these lyrics yet so I’m not sure if this is correct, but “walking through the trees I never really know what’s on your mind, is it ever me or just someone you’ve left behind, floating through a dream I never could make out the words you said, sentences are bouncing back and forth inside my head,” I really like that too.  I know what they’re talking about with the awkwardness.  These sound like things I write and say sometimes and I like that.  Also, “we could find comfort in debauchery,” I think that’s wonderful.

“The Agency Group.”  This is fun, too.  Jaunty and slightly snarky in its way, and that’s fun.  I enjoy snarky imperfect lady vocals over vintage guitar, I think.  That’s what I’m learning from NPR livestreams.  This is music that sounds like disaffected youth driving around in their cars.

“Dives.”  And it meanders along so pleasantly.  I need to sit down with some lyrics because I bet they’re lovely, I just can’t always make out a lot of them on the first go.

“Atop a Cake.”  I’m running out of articulate commentary, but gosh, this is just cute and fun.  “I’ll wait in the lobby for someone to show, and if they don’t come I won’t know where to go.”  Also awkward, also endearing in its way.

“Red Planet.”  These notes sound almost ominous in that vintage way that things sometimes sound ominous.  I quite like it.  Because space.  Ending on a wistful note, that can be effective, yeah.  I think it works.  Mellowing out.

–your fangirl heroine.

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