Fashion Friday :: okay, buddy.

12 Jul

I don’t know why it’s my instinct to refer to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk as “buddy,” but it is.

bruce banner (mark ruffalo)

So here goes.

lauren top in olive green (pinup girl clothing)

I figured I’d do a separates thing for this.  I don’t really why other than the fact that it would be damn difficult to find a good dress that was green and purple and not ridiculous-looking.  Lauren Top in Olive Green, Pinup Girl Clothing.

vixen purple skirt (tatyana)

Like I said.  Separates.  Also this feels more businessy for some reason, and Bruce Banner is totally business.  Vixen Purple Skirt, Tatyana.

all tied up shoes in black (pinup girl clothing)

As much as I want to put every pinup everyone in heels, I just cannot imagine Bruce wearing them too often, and these flats are cute, in a Riverdancey kind of way.  All Tied Up Shoes in Black, ModCloth.

blu bijoux silver eye glass necklace (max & chloe)

I don’t know.  The glasses are important, but but selectively, therefore they can become jewelry.  Blu Bijoux Silver Eye Glass Necklace, Max & Chloe.

–your fangirl heroine.

slightly maniacal

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