Television Tuesday :: to get this off my chest.

2 Jul

I have fundamentally accepted that I am a fictional misandrist.

Yes.  If there’s a show that has a premise that otherwise interests me somewhat and the cast is primarily male, I’ll still probably give it a try.  But if the show doesn’t otherwise interest me (which lately seems to be if it falls in the genres “dude comedy” or “crime/legal/etc. drama” especially) a primarily male cast serves as a warning sign to me.  A trigger that I probably am not going to be able to care.

“But there are strong female characters!” people might say.  I am wary of the Strong Female Character, though I get that sometimes people say that without knowing about that trope and just mean “well-written” or something (though it’s debatably applicable), and anyway if she is the only significant female character the narrative is probably not going to do things with her that I want.  Case in point, True Detective.  I adore Michelle Monaghan solely because I really love Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and while her character could have thrived in a different context on a different show, she was not dealt with well at all and therefore it didn’t matter how strong or Strong she was.

It’s not that I can’t enjoy male characters.  I very much can at times, but rarely do I enjoy a male character on a show more than any female character (a good example of this was the first season of The Walking Dead, where I genuinely liked Steven Yeun’s Glenn the best out of anyone there) and that’s just because I’ve never been as good at relating to male characters.  Again, sometimes it does happen, but not nearly as often.  And it’s near-impossible to get me to care about male friendships on television in the way that I do about female friendships.  (I will borrow my friends’ example of Community‘s Troy [Donald Glover] and Abed [Danny Pudi].  I will also broken-record a mention of everyone on Deadwood.)  I think a lot of it is just that… well, other than the fact that a lot of male friendships are not portrayed in a healthy or conversely particularly interesting way (and to be fair some female friendships do this too), there are so many more male friendships.  I care a lot about female friendships because they can advance the plot and be wonderful and also because hell, it’s rare in some shows to even see women talking to each other, let alone in a friendly manner.

And then aside from shows with the token woman, there’s the token POC character.  The token POC is almost always a male character and jokes are sometimes made about his heritage.  Jokes are made about everyone to an extent, but maybe that’s another reason that I rarely enjoy mainstream comedy.  I’d much rather a show about people who genuinely like each other and find humor in the situations they encounter than a show about people who make fun of each other all the time.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that I just have such a hard time getting excited about so many television programs that I have yet to watch.  And that I desperately want to start Orange is the New Black, that too.

–your fangirl heroine.



One Response to “Television Tuesday :: to get this off my chest.”

  1. Grace Jazz-Cat Andyerface July 2014 at 5:21 am #

    OITNB = yes

    Overall the show probably rubs against some of the other reasons why not for you, but I was a big fan of Scrubs and think the JD/Turk best friend relationship is an awesome male dynamic. See: Guy Love.

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