Whimsy Wednesday :: in which I have serious hearteyes and the boys are douchezombies.

25 Jun

I have been waiting for this for so long. Well, not very long. Technically speaking. But I’d said to myself a while back that when I was caught up with ponies I was going to do a rewatch of all of Sailor Moon and liveblog it, including the fifth season which I’d never before seen even if I had to watch it subtitled, and then conveniently they announced that they were going to be rereleasing the entire series including the fifth season which I’d never seen before.

I’m finally caught up on ponies. So here is the thing.

AH the brightly colored intro with the kanji and the flowers everywhere and the theme song in Japanese (which I definitely had memorized at one point even in Japanese though I didn’t know what they were saying directly but I memorized it phonetically because I was that kind of nine year old, I was an awesome nine year old, and it all just comes rushing back) and ugh it is the most beautiful thing. This is the most beautiful thing.

This has a lot of advertisements, but I don’t even care. It’s better than watching the original dub on my old TV on a VHS tape and fast-forwarding through commercials for Dragon Ball Z and, like, old 90s brands of candy.

And the thing is that this is subtitled, but I don’t even care. I’m just so happy to have this back in my life.

Luna is a freaking badass little kitty. I think more than anything one of the things I’ll miss from the dub I grew up with is Luna having a random British accent.

Somehow the Japanese voices actually make them sound much more their age. Because it’s easy to forget in the American dub that they were 14.

Also this is a fun exercise in how much Japanese I remember. And I’m definitely picking up a few things here and there, so the subtitles are delightful, sort of.

Maybe they also looked older than 14 when I was a kid because I was, well, a kid.

What is Queen Beryl even doing with her hands. She’s just moving them back and forth through the air

“This Jadeite.”

I’d forgotten, too, about how nonsensical some of the outfits could be. Queen Beryl’s shoulder spikes attached to nothing.

The evil shadow of possession accompanied with dramatic strains of music. Energy-sucking jewelry. And then the other music, which sounds like… a jazzy theme park?

EVIL LAUGHTER oh my gosh. And the crowd flailing by

“Bun-head” is the technical translation, but it sounds rather less of an insult than the “meatball head” I grew up with. I mean, buns are actually a hairstyle, that’s actually a thing.

I also love their ridiculous poses.

Also I love that the backgrounds are always so pretty and almost painted and they themselves are all minimal-shading black outline.

I don’t remember if all of season one is about energy – I know the end of it is heart crystals. But at least the first couple middle-baddies are about energy, I guess? At least this time? This show is fun because there’s the big bad and then the medium-bads and then their little-bads kind of.

Also, Luna cat, you are alternating between creepy, adorable, awesome, and terrifying. I think that’s pretty par for the course, but.

OH MY GOSH MY HEART MY HEART I feel so complete. The goofy-ass transformation music and the rainbow iridescent silhouetting to cover up the fact that they transform nakedly and oh my gosh I feel so good about this right now.

I also totally forgot that the jewelry on her buns helped her hear people in trouble.

“I’m going to send you both to the world of the dead.”

This is such a pretty cartoon when it’s pretty. Oh my gosh I just. I feel so happy.

Fighting with a broken bottle. Good minion.

TUXEDO MASK excuse me “watashi wa Tuxedo Kamen!”

I also didn’t remember this business with her crying making everyone fall down. But Moon Tiara… Action! I’d forgotten that was the specific name of the attack but I remembered the tiara Frisbee and gosh I just.

This is one fancy-ass jewelry store, too.

Hearteyes. That is how I am accurately feeling right now.

“Punishment Awaits: The House of Fortune is in the Monster Mansion.”

I don’t even care I’m gonna watch the theme song again because it’s so pretty. And then think about making tumblr graphics in the style of it for… something. I don’t even know. But honestly, a lot of tumblr graphic trends actually apply to this opening. Backgrounds and occasional floral motifs and femme lace motifs and silhouetting and stuff.

“You know what’s worse than being rude” (a boy upskirting a teacher) “and damaging things that aren’t yours?” (boys throwing rocks at windows) “People who think nothing of other people’s feelings!” (boys as zombies) EEEEE.

I really love how her intro has to include her mentioning what her birthstone is. And that she follows it with “boy, does that ever make me nervous! But, I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.”

Hm. Jadeite, you could have a less ridiculous disguise than putting a fedora and sunglasses and a trenchcoat on over your usual uniform.

Maybe just Jadeite harvests energy. I honestly don’t remember a lot of the Negaverse stuff from the beginning of the season.

Also I’m pretty sure that this show is subconsciously why I draw blushing the way I do. This show is why I draw most things the way I do, probably. Though I learned how to draw less anime-looking faces.

I’m still not sure why a useful punishment for being late to class is to stand in the hallway and therefore miss more class.

Correct, Naru. He should not attack her from behind.

“And it’s someone you see all the time.” OH I forgot about. Motoki is his Japanese name (I never learned the Japanese names of the minor characters) but I knew him as Andrew back then. But I totally forgot about him. Probably because I forget dudes easily.

Luna looked so smug about that.

Aw, I kind of like that she’s having a moral debate about patronizing small businesses.

“If you don’t act more ladylike, you’ll never find a boyfriend!” I remembered there was a reason I didn’t like you, Mamoru.

“Cripes.” She just said “cripes.”

Using the tarot cards to suck energy. That’s diabolical!

“You are a charming servant of the devil. You may do whatever you desire.” That won’t end well.

Aw, there’s her dad. “Your mom takes care of everything at home, this is the least I could do.” Or something like that I can’t be fussed to go back and check the subtitles but still that’s nice enough. I forgot that she even had a present dad tbh.

“What were you doing so late? Not coming home straight after school is the first sign of delinquency.” Hee, of course, because the dad is a square because he has glasses.

What the hell is Umino wearing. “He’s gotten so cocky all of a sudden,” Naru observes. Yes, he has. And now he’s upskirting, because the fortune teller little-bad made him into a douche.

“No one will ever marry me now.” Aw, teacher whose name I’ve forgotten. I’m so sorry for that anxiety that I’m sure is not your fault even if it seems mildly ridiculous.

Yes, Usagi, clearly the House of Fortune is doing bad things and making all of the boys act like giant douchebags.

“Stop saying my name like that,” Usagi insists. “I hate you like this.” Because he’s horrible! Using negatively feminine-associated traits to drive the douchebags away. That’s so perfect.

“It seems some bad guys have stirred up trouble.” “This House of Fortune is suspicious.” “Kudos for finding that out.” This is an amazingly understated conversation.

I also really love how all the transformations and attacks are still in English, kind of. Like they’d be hardcore written in katakana. And the hilarious Love Boat music.

Tuxedo Kamen’s glittering smile. He just appears to give motivational speeches and then leaves. That’s not helpful AT ALL.

I also really adore Luna just popping up being like “no do THIS thing” and then scampering off in her catlike way.

Ms. Haruna. That’s her name.

“All that is left in my life is despair.”

–your fangirl heroine.

not nefarious at all


One Response to “Whimsy Wednesday :: in which I have serious hearteyes and the boys are douchezombies.”

  1. Grace Jazz-Cat Andyerface June 2014 at 11:50 pm #


    Long-time lurker, first time poster ^_^

    Guess who is ALSO watching through Sailor Moon (for me it will be a complete first-time), and who totally thrills at reading your take on these shows we both love? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Hope I keep up a comparable pace! if not, I’ll leave the posts unread in my RSS & come back later. Fun-tastic!

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