Music Monday :: 5 more more more artists commonly found in the misandry tag on 8tracks

23 Jun

And this one!!!  This list is five badass songs by badass women of color and it is dedicated to a spoiler I just came across for a thing I haven’t watched yet but am now dreading to watch because I am already in a fiery rage about it.

5.  Yuna, “Rescue
This is definitely the most upbeat song on the list.  Not that all of these aren’t Up sorts of songs in their ways, but this one is actually as upbeat as it sounds.  “Yeah, she’s got light in her face, she don’t need no rescuing, she’s okay.”  And the like.

4. Beyoncé, “Grown Woman
Also this is a cute music video and worth a watch.  And this is a pretty positive song, too, but in a way that has more attitude than the first, given the topic.

3.  Natalia Kills, “Kill My Boyfriend
This is the most delightful murder song I can think of, and the music video is also lovely.  Kind of retro-styled.  Also, I’ve seen this song used more than once on (Sansa/)Margaery fanmixes, and it makes me smile so much every time, because it is perfect.  Not, you know, a literal interpretation, but nonetheless delightful.

2.  M.I.A., “Bad Girls
Anthemic.  Not particularly chipper, but definitely inspiring.  Also it surprises me how well I know this song now, because I’ve heard it enough times (it’s another that also shows up on more modern-slanted ASOIAF mixes).  But I’ve definitely been inspired by it before.

1.  Nicki Minaj, “Monster
So this is actually a longer song that involves some other people too, but I don’t care about the rest of it.  This verse, though, is freaking phenomenal and worth being recognized so much.

–your fangirl heroine.

justified anger


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