Fashion Friday :: I thought of a thing.

20 Jun

And that thing is pinup Avengers.  I’m starting with Iron Man because his movie came first.

iron man

I really don’t know.

billion dollar baby dress in red (stop staring!)

This dress strikes me as very show-offy, and what better for Iron Man inspiration than that?  Billion Dollar Baby Dress in Red, Stop Staring!

arc reactor necklace (etsy)

The internet is a magical place.  I just typed “arc reactor necklace” into Etsy and got 81 results.  I like that this one looks vintage, though.  And that it’s also a watch.  By nadezdaou on Etsy.

chevron the right path belt in black (modcloth)

I don’t really know.  It’s metal-y which is important.  Chevron the Right Path Belt in Black, ModCloth.

yes i candescent heel in gold (modcloth)

These are gloriously outlandish shoes.  I say this with love.  If gold Mary Janes would look good with black tights, I would buy these and wear them all the time.  Alas, gold shoes would look probably pretty silly with black tights, so I’m not likely to wear them, but I still think they’re beautiful.  Yes I Candescent Heel in Gold, ModCloth.

retro rosie bracelet in red (modcloth)

No but I really like this?  The color scheme is correct, and it’s pretty and metallic.  Retro Rosie Bracelet in Red, ModCloth.

formula x liquid crystals nail polish in moon glow (sephora)

It just seems important.  This is one of those times when I look for fancy spendy nail polish and then look for the under-$3 version at the drug store later to actually buy.  Liquid Crystals Nail Polish in Moon Glow, Formula X at Sephora.

color lip last (sephora)

Also red lipstick seems important.  Color Lip Last in Wanted Red, Sephora Collection.

–your fangirl heroine.

slightly booze


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