Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Celestia’s extreme plan leads to Sailor Scout transformation montages.

18 Jun

So they’re just going back to the Crystal Empire… again.

“It doesn’t seem that my new role as a princess doesn’t equate to much.” Thank you for that bout of meta, Twi. Because honestly she doesn’t seem to do that much princess stuff? Then again Celestia and Luna and Cadence don’t really do that much, either.

Maretonia. Is that meant to be like… Mauritania?

I’m still shocked by how big Cadence’s eyes are, honestly.

Aw, Twi. You shouldn’t maybe have walked away before they had a chance to answer.

But you did have this important sappy musical number to do, so.

Twi just wants a purpose. Sweetling.

Luna’s singing voice sounds not really like her. But in general this is a sweet idea. Girls supporting girls. I love these freaking Bechdel-smashing ponies.

Also, Princess Luna is just so gosh-darn pretty.

Magic-sucking wizard thing? Stealing a unicorn’s… cutie mark?

If that’s flipping Discord I’m gonna smash a thing.

But, prophetic dreams simultaneously had by sisters.

Ah. Scorpan and Tyrek? Scorpan… because…

Tartarus? Really this is a thing? Cerberus is now a thing here?

Oh no. Here comes Discord. I just knew it. I could feel it. Freaking Discord.


Is he… is he Mary Poppins? With his carpetbag and his umbrella?

And now he’s a general and now he’s naked?

And now he’s a princess?

“Don’t you have a creepy magic-stealing villain to track down?”

Go to hell, Discord. You frustrate me so much.

The way to find out isn’t to open the chest, it’s to read about the chest. Or read about how to open the chest. I just love the piles of books. my babies in the library.

He’s like an angry wizard Planet of the Apes ape, Tyrek is. I have no idea if that’s correctly spelled but whatever.

I’m just so confused about why this dude gives so many damns about screwing over the ponies?

Flashbacks because of reasons? Learning lessons about things!

Things are keys and they’re going to open the box? Magical letter? Whoops Twi’s gotta go do something important.

Yep. Discord’s an evil douche.

Tyrek is a… minotaur thing? And now they’re having a magic-sucking theater show?

And now they’re gonna get rid of their magic? That’s a bit extreme, Celestia.

This is a crappy plan, you know. Because if Tyrek is teamed up with Discord, then he’ll learn pretty quickly that Twi is an alicorn, at least.

I hope they know how to reverse the process.

Now Twi has to do all of the things. Twi, baby, maybe go outside to do the thing. Maybe that would help.

Darlings. Putting friends on crowd control patrol.

This freaking minotaur needs to go away. But like… what the hell was that, his dimensional portal business? Also I don’t trust his…

Yeah. That’s not a solid plan, Celestia. There is a stained glass window with the other alicorn on it, you didn’t think that’d be noticed?

NO. Goddamn asshole. This is why I don’t like Discord. He made my Flutter sad. Douche.

But I don’t want the evil minotaur to become eviler, so this is silly and dumb and bad.

Growly minotaur. No, it does not belong to you. it was never your magic in the first place, so it’s not yours. You are just an ass.

“You’re going to give me what I want.” I don’t like it when dudes say that.

And you just burned down the library. Yeah, you suck, minotaur.

Magic action sequence. Blah blah.

Friends. Friends. Magic. The fact that Discord is her friend is going to be important somehow.

So magic is represented by your cutie mark and your eyes being colors? Okay.

That’s a key that’s the key go do the thing.

Why is the minotaur so freaking big now. that’s really unproductive.

And oh okay! so the chest opens up and activates the elements of harmony and makes everyone glow like a Sailor Moon transformation montage and now OH MY GOD TRANSFORMATION MONTAGE LITERALLY


Super Twilight Sparkle Super Fluttershy Super Rarity Super Apple Jack Super Pinkie Pie Super Rainbow Dash THEY ALL HAVE HIGHLIGHTS IN THEIR HAIR

THE MOST POWERFUL MAGIC OF ALL FRIENDSHIP friendship puts the minotaur in a cage and returns magic and life to ponie! Cutie marks!

Rainbow earthquake. Blasting the box into the earth to grow a… crystal… palace of its own


What she’s meant to do as a princess is spread the magic of friendship that’s what she does that’s the thing oh my gosh.

The Princess of Friendship.

With her high council of friends!

I am delighted.

And now there’s a musical number!!!

“Each one of us has something special that makes us different, that makes us rare. We have a light that shines within us that we’re meant to share.”

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP I’m sorry I’m freaking out I’m just. This is so important!

–your fangirl heroine.

gods know why i'm happy but i am


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