Television Tuesday :: another year, another… set of feelings.

17 Jun

Feelings both good and bad.  Feelings of general contentment and ones of extreme rage, caused by things that the rest of the internet has already discussed in various places, largely, this season, pertaining to derivations from the book; a thing in episode 3 of this season that was not supposed to be there, a thing in this last episode that REALLY REALLY WAS, but here is my take on that thing that I’m not referring to by name out of my respect for my friends who don’t read the books, with some of Sunday’s willful optimism: there are still… a lot of things from A Storm of Swords that haven’t been in the show and REALLY NEED TO BE, but I… well, they’ve gone so wonky with the timeline of the thing that… that those things HAD BETTER BE in the next season, because they couldn’t… do everything all at once… and they just… had to… save some things for later?  Because people think that A Feast for Crows is boring and I don’t know if other people think A Dance With Dragons is boring but I sure think it takes a long time to pick up and anyway they just needed to save… save some things for then…?  This is my giant way of saying that good freaking gods it is getting exhausting to watch this show sometimes but until they outright deny the thing I will believe that it will just be popped into the timeline elsewhere because I need to for my own mental well-being.

Which is to say.  Get it together, you guys.  But sometimes nice little things still happen, not that they excuse the horrible things at all, but I don’t particularly fancy getting into discussions of them on the internet because it will just make me sad and angry all over again so I’m just going to talk about some nice things that happened this season.

5.  Margaery (Natalie Dormer) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) interacting.
I was discussing good vs. bad in the series with a couple of people yesterday, and one started rattling off characters he thought would ultimately prove good or bad.  It was a list of characters he liked for the good side of things, basically, but once he reached Brienne I interrupted and proclaimed that it’s pretty much impossible to determine good or bad in the series because I don’t know how things will turn out and you can never know, I suppose, though I have my opinions which I mostly keep to myself because it’s just simpler that way, but I will fight you about the fact that Brienne of Tarth is the only true knight in Westeros, because that I am sure of (or well, there may prove to be other true knights, but Brienne is unquestionably one, despite not actually being a knight).  This… has nothing to do with what I’m about to say, but I just needed to say it.  In the first two episodes, Margaery and Brienne spoke to each other.  This did not happen in the book, because in the book Jaime and Brienne hadn’t reached King’s Landing by that point in the story, but I’m totally one hundred percent comfortable with it.  And sure, one of those times Margaery and Brienne were just talking about Renly and the other of those times Brienne was politely congratulating Margaery on her wedding, but I’ll be damned if Margaery wasn’t flirting with Brienne.  See.  Maybe this is just Margaery’s way, but I’m perfectly comfortable with it.

4.  Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) interacting.
Hardly at all, but I… liked it.  I did.  The wildlings are sacking Mole’s Town and Gilly and her baby are hiding in the back and Ygritte hears the baby cry and all she does is hold a finger to her lips and spare Gilly and the babe.  That… I don’t know why that happened, exactly, but whatever.  It was a scene with women and that was nice.

3.  Jon (Kit Harington) with Ygritte.
The death scene was handled respectfully.  I mean, I know that scene pretty much by heart (I’ve reread it an embarrassing number of times) and I definitely missed the part about “is this a proper castle” because it just hurts and I love it (also it seems like they’d have kept it since they did have the scene in s3 where Ygritte thought the windmill was a castle, but eh, whatever) but it was still overall done well enough and I hyperventilated each time I watched it.  Because

“You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

That was accurate.  And then his little private funeral for her.  My eyes watered.  It was nice.  (Because that was mentioned in the book, but not shown really.)

2.  Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson).
Show, did you… did you… is this a non-book-canon relatively healthy romance…?  Is this a… a non-book-canon relatively healthy semi-asexual (by default but whatever I will take it) romance…?  Between two characters of color?  With friendly and intellectual background…?  I… I… I’m hesitant to even type it out because I don’t want to inadvertently make it go horribly wrong, but I will say this: I was not into any romance for Missandei because I didn’t want to feel like they made her grown-up-sized just to throw her in romance but but this is lovely.  I will also say this: I and at least two other people audibly “awww”-ed at the end of their scene in episode 8.  Please don’t ruin this show this is a good thing.

1.  Dany (Emilia Clarke) WAS DOING MISSANDEI’S HAIR.
No, but I don’t think I can explain to you how important this was to me.  I had to pause it and rewatch it and point frantically at the television while squealing.  Because female friends.  Because because female friends.  Also because all the way back last season when they all showed up in episode 4 for the “a dragon is not a slave” scene and Missandei’s hair had that braid in it that hadn’t been there back when she was still a slave, I offhandedly said to one of my friends, “I bet last night after Dany was like ‘hey Missandei you have your freedom’ she was like ‘hey Missandei I’m gonna braid your hair now maybe’ and then did it.”  And then they showed her doing that.  While they were wearing matching dresses.  (Their dresses always match.  It’s great.)  It’s such a tiny little thing but it probably made me happier than anything this season.

–your fangirl heroine.

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