Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Rarity goes decorating-crazy and Spike’s masculinity is in question.

11 Jun

The Ponyville Foal and Filly fair sounds… actually kind of creepy. I mean I’m sure that it’s not like a creepy marriage market for baby ponies, but that was definitely my first thought when it was announced. What’s wrong with me.

And it looks to me like there wasn’t a great level of communications between Rarity and the puppeteer guy. Like he didn’t give her logistics or something?

Magic ice cream binging. That is a reasonable use of unicorn magic. While Rarity cries mascara tears.

Now Spike goes to an old library. And Owlysius is unhelpful and pesky.

Yes, don’t use magic. Using magic sounds like a bad idea. Listen to the owl, idiotchild. Don’t do the spell in the book made of rocks. That’s a really horrible idea.

Seriously do not trust the rock book. That is the worst idea.

Also, it’s glowing green and making Rarity’s eyes glow green and that’s a really horrible idea. And now she’s going to accidentally whammy the entire town bejeweled.

Also, why do characters here blush but not, like, have shadows on their bodies? They have shadows under their bodies.

But now she’s got instant creation magic and something horrible is going to happen. I’m really not sure what, but it’s really not going to be good. Other than she’s going to want to keep it around because she’s getting intoxicated by the power.

And Owlysius disapproves.

Yep. She’s going pretty cray and frazzled.

And Spike is totally like “let’s go along with the thing” because of his weird interspecies crush.

But I called that she was interested in bedazzling all the things. But but no everypony doesn’t love surprises. Everypony might be like “stop it I don’t want rhinestones on my thing.” And she’s referring to the book as a slightly living thing so that’s not a good sign either.

And now Rarity’s bedazzling is going to wreak havoc on things.

Rarity sweetling don’t be so pushy.

Why the hell is he wearing a terrible bejeweled suit of armor that he can’t stand up in? Also, dragons eat jewels, so couldn’t he just eat his way out of said suit of armor?

Now Twi is investigating it as a mystery. And Owlysius is like “stop it idiot.” Because he is a wise old owl. Young owl, I assume.

Oh no! Is she bedazzling the ground? Now they’re in Oz because everything is the yellow brick road?

But if I recall the text of the spell, Spike just needs to stop bullshitting her and then the spell will be broken.

So the book was possessing her?

“The spell took over you.” That doesn’t sound grammatically correct. “The spell possessed you.”

Equestria Games. I kind of don’t know how much I care yet, especially since this seems to be another Spike episode. Last time at least had the fun of Spike + cray!Rarity.

Why does Princess Cadence have bigger eyes than everyone else and significantly heavier eyeliner?

Okay, Spike is a hero in the Crystal Empire. Something wacky is going to happen.

Why is the (Olympic) arena briefly playing terrible 1970s music? Then a fanfare?

“Mister The Dragon.”

Why do only pegasi compete in the games?

Is Spike having performance anxiety? Yes, he is.

Oh there’s the thing but now Spike feels embarrassed for not being able to do the thing. And Twi magicked the thing. And bless Princess Luna sitting there like “s’what.”

Okay there are more than just pegasi I just didn’t see them because all of Ponyville’s proper competitors were pegasi.

No buddy you are not a pyrokinetic.

Good, Twi’s too clever to consider allowing him to go on with this illusion.

Disabling spells. Probably not the only way to cheat, but, you know.

…Spike… you should have though this one through. Spike should think everything through before he does it. He’s offending everyone from Cloudsdale, incidentally. And embarrassing everybody.

Why is that pony dressed like Abraham Lincoln?

Why does he keep talking about Cloudsdale’s trees?

Ice archery? That’s kinda cool.

I’m glad that this episode hasn’t actually featured too much of the games, at least.

So he’s going to go disguised as a douchebag private detective?

Oh shit now that cloud is ice and it’s headed right for… something? All the pegasi are going to help, but Spike’s going to melt it with his flame breath. Now he’s a proper hero again and his masculinity is saved.

–your fangirl heroine.

pretty please


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