Whedon Wednesday :: Agents of SHIELD cocktails, because it’s so where I live right now.

4 Jun

The theme is… idk, mysterious mixed-race ladies?


1 shot red apple liqueur
1 shot caramel vodka
1 shot rum
Diet Coke

Caramel apple rum and coke.  That’s what it is.  And it ended up being Skye just based on “eh, she would probably like that, I think?”  That and I wanted a drink for Skye.


1 shot gin
1 shot lime juice
Cranberry ginger ale

Hey, guess who helped invent this drink, given the lime juice’s presence.  It was kind of just a default drink (I managed to run out of five of my different drink bases on the same night) and we were having a time naming it, but then one of my people said “oh!!  Flowers!”  I laughed because what he meant was Raina (he’s not great with names, it took him about ten episodes to even catch on to the FitzSimmons thing) and I knew that, and then I laughed more because it was bright red and Raina is Melisandre.

–your fangirl heroine.



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