Television Tuesday :: 5 things that I was into regarding this season of Mad Men

4 Jun

Eh.  I decided not to get into my variety of ambivalences (that’s not a word, but I cannot for the life of me think of an accurate word that actually exists) because I’ve probably forgotten most of them given that I wasn’t taking notes.  Instead, have a list of some things I appreciated this season.

5.  Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) got to strut her stuff.
Both around the office with being in charge of the group for the creative project and in the presentation with Burger Chef.  Peggy did some less-great things this season (especially in the beginning of it, when she was still acting like an OOC hormonal teenager whenever Ted’s name was mentioned, causing me to sigh and make comments about the cookies in the oven not being done baking yet) but that was really nice and I was happy about it.

4.  Trudy (Alison Brie) still isn’t taking Pete’s (Vincent Kartheiser) shit.
I think my big fear with the Trudy-and-Pete breakup was that eventually they’d write Trudy as eventually… I don’t know, caving.  Especially since they haven’t technically gotten divorced.  Because sadly, I just expect that things are going to slant sympathy-wise toward making the guy look better and the girl look worse.  It doesn’t happen all the time, and even when it hasn’t happened much before I still worry.  (The lesson of 2013 in television: expect the worst so that when what happens isn’t horrible it feels much better.)  So having her still, well, not taking shit was nice.  And she was cute doing it.

3.  Oh look, that promotion for Dawn (Teyonah Parris)!
That was a nice thing overall.  Both that Dawn wasn’t having any of it (and Joan [Christina Hendricks] wasn’t having any of it either once she got pulled in to the thing) and that the solution to the various stuffy white dudes’ orders was not to get rid of Dawn but for Joan to give Dawn her old job while she moved up to take on something that she was interested in doing.  Mostly I just love the aftermath, which has been sadly undeveloped but still includes Dawn being the one to be like “everyone come here and listen to these announcements” when they have officewide meetings.

2.  Joan isn’t taking anyone’s shit.
One: I love that she’s getting to handle accounts, because she’s been in this business for long enough she understands how it works and she’s getting comfortable and she’s finally getting to actually deal with people outside of the sphere of their little office-home.  Not because she wasn’t good at that (she was) but because this is a step for her and that’s exciting.  Two: I love her reaction to Bob’s proposal, the “this would not work for either of us and you know that so stop” and then when told that she wasn’t going to get a better chance the “I would rather die waiting for love than get myself caught in something that wasn’t real” (I am paraphrasing, but still).  That’s my Joan.  That’s the Joan who has made mistakes before in this area because she thought it was expected of her and who will not do that again.  Three: I love that she’s not taking Don’s (Jon Hamm) shit either.  “I think she should be nicer to him!  They’re buddies, he tried to stop her from sleeping with that guy,” one of my people whined.  But see, no.  Yes, they have been friendly in the past (Joan+Don scenes have been some of my favorite Don scenes) but he has consistently done things that were bad for the agency and not always for business reasons especially lately and she is a businesswoman and she’s not having it.  In short, Joan owes him nothing.  Joan owes all men nothing.  Joan is my queen.

1.  and the final…
It wasn’t the season that came before!

–your fangirl heroine.

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