Music Monday :: 5 more x5 artists commonly found in the ASOIAF tag on 8tracks

26 May

The theme tonight is “songs commonly used for mixes about Sansa Stark.”

5.  Cake Bake Betty, “The Spine Song
Of the songs on this list, I think this one is my favorite — I’d never heard of them before I slipped and fell into 8tracks, but I quite enjoy them from what I have heard.  Which is this and one or two other songs, but still.  This song is nice and very creepy and dainty and good.  Almost delicate, in a way.

4.  Joanna Newsom, “Kingfisher
I like the fact that this song is 9+ minutes long.  Because I really like lengthy songs, especially when used on mixes (I’m not sure why).  I also like that it’s so perfectly an example of Joanna Newsom.  That it sounds almost medieval.

3.  Susanne Sundfor, “White Foxes
There is a theme here, rather clearly.  Songs sung by women that are rather unnerving and haunting and lovely.  That’s what’s going on.  It is thematically coherent.

2.  Tori Amos, “Winter
See also: this.  Oh, and vaguely canon-relevant themes and lyrics and titles, of coures.

1.  Coldplay, “Paradise
And then we have this combo breaker, which for some reason shows up on more Sansa-themed mixes than it doesn’t show up on.

–your fangirl heroine.

take this as you will


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