Superlative Sunday :: the 2014 Billboard Music Awards and how I feel about them

18 May

One: whoever gave “Blurred Lines” any award should be scolded loudly and often.  I would have taken freaking “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons over that, and as I’ve mentioned probably that song fills me with crankiness.

Two: okay Lorde I like you go you good on you winning things.

Three: do they only nominate some combination of the same ~10 artists for every award?  I really think they do.  Lorde is the only one of the artists I’ve seen nominated in any of these categories that I listen to when not listening to someone else’s fanmixes, and I’m on page 4/10 of the winners.

Four: thirty-one of the categories had women nominated in them.  Five of those categories had women winning in them (and one of them was Best Female Artist, so).

Five: at least eight of the songs nominated for anything are ones they play at my work.  This has become a category, mostly because I wouldn’t know most of these songs if they didn’t play them at my work.

–your fangirl heroine.

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