Television Tuesday :: 10 season finales I watched in real time that made my heart go fast

13 May

Actually done in order least-greatest for once.  Probably because there is minimal commentary to be had.

10. The Walking Dead season 2
Positive heart racing.  I rather enjoyed this finale despite all of the destruction and there was a lot going on,  so it was hectic and fast-paced and that does its job on me sometimes.

9.  Magic City season 2
Negative heart racing.  Both because of my anxiety about poor poor Judi Silver (Elena Satine) and also Lily (Jessica Marais) and because of my anxiety about is Vera (Olga Kurylenko) actually going to sleep with her stepson Stevie (Steven Strait)?  I just found out that this show got cancelled, though, so I guess I can just imagine a world where they didn’t sleep together and Judi faked her own death and then skipped town and was happy.

8.  Mad Men season 4
Confused heart racing.  Mostly because this was the finale where we honestly weren’t sure if Don (Jon Hamm) was dreaming or not.

7.  Game of Thrones season 1
Positive heart racing.  Mostly because I hadn’t read the books yet at this point, and also baby dragons.

5. Game of Thrones season 2
A mix of every kind of heart racing.  I should clarify that I don’t put season 3 on here because well I’d actually read A Storm of Swords by the time season 3 aired.  So my heart was kinda amped up but not necessarily racing.  There was some positive heart-racing here, largely for some things with Dany (Emilia Clarke).  Also some negative, largely for some other things with Dany.  Y’all know.

4. Agents of SHIELD season 1
Geez.  Also a mix.  I’m still… well.  I’ll get to this tomorrow night.

3. True Blood season 6
Negative heart racing.  My general what-the-fuckery, if you will pardon the roughness of the phrasing.

2. True Blood season 5
Positive heart racing.  Gosh, that finale is still so golden.  A cliffhanger for the series proper to end on, but eh, it leaves a lot of things open and I like that a lot!  (Willful denial.  I do it.)

1. Dollhouse season 2
A mix.  Of every kind basically.  Except confused, I wasn’t confused.  This is still the finale by which I judge my heart racing… amount?  Something like that.

–your fangirl heroine.

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