Fashion Friday :: Peggy is underestimated.

9 May

That is literally what it says in the synopsis of this past week’s episode of Mad Men in the DirecTV synopsis.  That is my third-favorite summary ever (after “Alcide warns Sookie” and all of the variants on “Jax makes a decision that will impact the future of SAMCRO”).

peggy olson (elisabeth moss)

Don’t underestimate Peggy when she looks so fabulous.  It’s funny because I’m not super into horizontal stripes and I’m not super into orange but I just loved this outfit to pieces.  Sadly, though, there is not a proper analogue, so I’m going with it.

charter school cardigan in bold stripes (modcloth)

Eh.  It’s stripey and it’s orange and blue and whatever, I will remake all of the Mad Men outfits with sweaters.  Charter School Cardigan in Bold Stripes, ModCloth.

madison aptitude top in creme (modcloth)

But this is relevant because of the bow and because there’s yellow in the sweater and because of the title.  Madison Aptitude Top in Creme, ModCloth.

breathtaking tiger lilies skirt in orange (modcloth)

This is a good skirt.  I have it in a different color, and it’s very functional and nice.  Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Orange, ModCloth.

corner office heel in chocolate (modcloth)

Well she doesn’t quite have one, but it still suits her.  Corner Office Heel in Chocolate, ModCloth.


time floats by watch in midi (modcloth)

I dunno.  It’s classy and subtle and nice.  Time Floats By Watch in Midi, ModCloth.

quote couture earrings (modcloth)

Because.  Because I said so.  Quote Couture Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

grant me grace


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