Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Sweetie overdramatizes her sister jealousy and AJ and her family learn a little something about what is and is not reasonable to believe in.

7 May

The Pony of Pop. I thought there was another one of those? I don’t remember that being Sapphire Shores. Maybe it was.

Aw, now Rarity feels bad that she can’t help so she’s going to help and Sweetie’s dresses she made are kind of potato sack disasters. This isn’t going to go well.

Sweetie tried to do the thing by herself, and that was well-intended, but no, and now Rarity just remade the entire things, and Sweetie is going to be upset but Sweetie also wrote the play herself, so she can shine through that in theory.

“Forsooth and anon. I come forthwith and posthaste with glad tidings, miladies.”

Okay, I see why you’re worried, Sweetie. That’s like the worst grade school dialogue ever.

And now they’re sad because their sisters couldn’t come, and their sisters couldn’t come ‘cause they had to help Rarity ‘cause she fell behind from helping Sweetie with the costumes, and it’s ouroborous, m-fers. That’s the issue.

Also why is that random townspony Southern.

Now Sweetie is pissed because her spotlight has been stolen.

Why is the Pony of Pop wearing ridiculous Vegas showgirl outfits.

Sweetie is overreacting because she’s feeling shown up. But I still imagine that nothing good will come of it. Because she’s a baby and this is her episode, she’s going to overreact in a drastic way. Uh oh. Sabotage. Don’t laugh that evil laugh, tiny pony.

She’s dreaming and hallucinating now and why the hell do ponies only wear clothes sometimes, why, the fact that they –

Evil laughter and OH HEY PRINCESS LUNA OH HEY.

Underappreciated little sister advice? She probably needs more of it. Oh now it’s… A Christmas Carol? Except for with Sweetie and Rarity and other things? I mean I feel bad for Sweetie, because despite not having an older sister I understand the feeling? But still.

See, Princess Luna is going to show perspective. Perspective and floating between dimensions oh this is delightful. Star roads and carousel mannequins and random inexplicable dolphins?

Look, Sweetie, your sister worries about things, too.

I also love that Luna is being dramatic enough to compare Sweetie destroying Rarity’s costume design with her own attempt to take over the kingdom and throw it into eternal night or whatever.

But apparently it would catastrophically mess with Rarity almost as much?

“I prefer showtunes.”

Is Sapphire Shores… well, she’s not Lady Gaga, that was the previous Pony of Pop. She’s got dance routines and leotards?

I don’t know enough about pop music to be able to figure this out.

Oh look Princess Luna is there to magic it up and fix it!

That headdress looks really hard to dance in, just sayin’.

Also that’s why there were dolphins…?

Swimming pool for the Apple family means it’s a lake they’re at a lake they’re splashing Granny. Oh it’s a “swimming hole.”

And Granny Smith was gonna break the high-diving record and why is the old-timey Western town accompanied by turn of the century piano music and a newsreel?

Oh, Big Mac, you’re a troll.

Western Town music. Why is there just a hint of Western Town music.

Oh no, a whole collection of injured ponies? Headed toward the carnival music? Those two things are not good when they’re in conjunction with each other.

Injured people going to a carnival. Faith healer? Oh no, it’s the usurpy asshole brothers! With the horrible carnival music and the horrible stripey shirts and now they’re singing a song about infectious diseases.

Why are they singing a song about infectious diseases.

Also most of these ponies don’t look sick, they look like they’ve been injured. Those two things are not the same. And you can’t cure a broken wing or apparently the aftereffects of pony polio with an elixir.

I don’t like these guys. They’re assholes. And how come nobody in this tent remembers that they were total shams with the apple cider just months ago or whatever?

Granny Smith wants to be young again. AJ and Big Mac are worried about it within reason.

It’s… psychosomatic…? Granny Smith still looks old, but now she’s taken the thing and she feels like it’s worked because she thinks it’s supposed to have?

Oh no, polio pony was a plant! Idk I assume he was meant to have been suffering the aftereffects of pony polio, because those look like the crutches that Margaret’s daughter on Boardwalk Empire who had polio then used.

Now they’re detective-ing, or trying to, and polio pony was craven.

Why hasn’t anyone arrested these guys yet? They are criminals.

Also, I think I’ve asked about where AJ and Abbie’s parents are before. I forget. I legitimately want to know though because… are they dead…? Why else would AJ and Abbie and Big Mac live with their Granny and not their parents?

And now AJ feels bad about accidentally promoting it and its psychosomatic effects, because AJ is honesty.

The thing is, because this is a cartoon about ponies I know that something as horrible as I expect to happen won’t happen. But I’m still all nervous.

Also, wouldn’t they be disqualified for this? Isn’t it basically like steroids?


…….that would dislocate Granny Smith’s legs. Or something.

And now AJ is going to be honest with everyone! And also inspirational.

Believing in things and inspirational motivational whatnot.

–your fangirl heroine.

uhm btw


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