Music Monday :: 5 songs that are in the ASOIAF tag on 8tracks and…

5 May

…are also played on the speakers at my work all the time.  My joke is that my work’s music collection is 1/2 confused ASOIAF fanmix, 1/2 nonsensical oldies station (the example I always use is “going from Of Monsters and Men to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup'” and that explains it well).

5.  “King and Lionheart,” Of Monsters and Men
Yeah.  As I mentioned above.

4. “Pompeii,” Bastille
I know they play other Bastille songs at work.  I know other Bastille songs appear in the ASOIAF tag.  But the thing about Bastille is that I can’t be arsed to learn any of the titles of their songs or most of the lyrics, so I can’t remember.  But I remember this one because I remember the story I saw on tumblr once about how someone made the lead singer sing “how am I gonna be an octopus about it” instead of “how am I gonna be an optimist about it” by holding up a sign, and that amuses me.

3.  “Roar,” Katy Perry
So this song.  It’s not the only Katy Perry song that gets played, but they don’t show up on ASOIAF mixes.  This one does.  When she first sang it on SNL I said to myself “well, crap, guess I know what’s going to be on every Lannister-themed mix that gets made from now on.”  And I was correct.  It’s also, inexplicably, on every other mix.  This annoys me somewhat, because she sings the damn Lannister house words, that is in no way appropriate for Sansa or Dany or something and I’m just… like that about things.  But I know the words to this song much better than I ever intended to.

2.  “I Will Wait,” Mumford and Sons
I don’t dislike Mumford and Sons.  I don’t have any of their stuff personally, but it doesn’t offend me.  I’m pretty sure that there’s probably at least one other of their songs that gets played at my work sometimes, but I don’t remember what; I know this one comes up, because I always remember this song because it has the same title as a Fiona Landers song and I really, really love that song and it always makes me think of how I wish more people knew that one as well as they know this one.

1.  “Bleeding Out,” Imagine Dragons
There is also another song of theirs that gets played a lot that also often shows up in this tag,  but it’s the song we don’t talk about for reasons.  I think there are a few of their songs that get played often, but… eh.  I just can’t bring myself to get excited about this band, but I can usually recognize that it’s them.  The singer usually strikes me as being very aggressive for some reason?  Like he always sounds like his voice is just a little too loud, no matter how loud the song is actually being played.

–your fangirl heroine.



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