Fashion Friday :: Joanie queen how I’ve missed you.

2 May

It’s been so nice to have my Joan (Christina Hendricks) back, not the underwritten Joan who was getting dragged through someone else’s nonsense plot but my Joan, who doesn’t suffer nonsense and gets things done.

joan holloway harris (christina hendricks)

I can’t explain quite why I loved this outfit so much, but I really, really did.  Maybe it’s that I could swear I’ve seen a dress like this before (I can’t find any proof of its existence at the moment) or maybe it’s because it’s just that little extra bit of modernity and sass.

faux pearl sheath collar dress (betsey johnson)

I couldn’t actually find any red rose dresses I liked for this.  ModCloth and Pinup Girl Clothing had some very cute, very pinup ones, but I was just getting stuck on the white collar detail, because that makes it of its time.  So I’m improvising.  Faux Pearl Sheath Collar Dress, Betsey Johnson.

the dream of the crop cardigan in red (modcloth)

Now imagine this on top of the dress, but with the collar of the dress pulled over top of it.  The Dream of the Crop Cardigan, ModCloth.

dover boot (franco sarto)

The emotional highlight of this whole outfit, after all, was the boots.  Dover Boot, Franco Sarto.

whirl traveler necklace (modcloth)

While Joan’s actual necklace here is a bit more filligree-curlicue-whatnot, I figure this one is roughly the right size and also keeping with this season’s travel theme.  Whirl Traveler Necklace, ModCloth.

Look, a perfectly functional red watch.  Diver Watch (Juniors), Titanium.

–your fangirl heroine.

i guess it could be worse


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