Music Monday :: my thoughts on I Never Learn

28 Apr

Oh!  New Lykke Li that I didn’t know was happening until right now but am very, very excited about.

“I Never Learn.”  Guitars and all.  This sounds very vintage so far, although on the more hardcore end of it. 1970s. Like someone laced Almost Famous-era music with vocals done by a female ghost.  (That’s how Lykke Li sounds to me sometimes, which I mean, like my usual supernatural comparisons, with the utmost love.)  It’s got just the right feel to it, the right mix of things, and that’s fun.  Yay for that.  Although I wouldn’t describe this as necessarily “fun” thematically, it’s more… I dunno.  Middle-of-an-indie-coming-of-age-film.

“No Rest for the Wicked.”  Oh, and there’s some of the sparse piano that usually shows up in her music.  All right.  Oh!  And now it got a bit choral.  “You let them win without a fight.”  Also, “I let my true love down, I had his heart but I broke it every time.”  I’m sure I’ll figure out something to do with this, I enjoy it atmospherically and lyrically both.

“Just Like a Dream.”  Mm, this one’s a bit less rousing.  But it’s still got that 1970s/ghost thing going for it.  (Not 1970s ghost, because I don’t think the ghost singing is necessarily from the 1970s.  The instrumentals just sound like they sort of are.  But in a nice way.)  It’s very dreamy, that’s a way to put it.

“Silverline.”  Ooh, even a different sort of ambiance.  I feel like there should be pretty women in a sauna or something.  Also in the 1970s.  A sauna at a ski resort, and it’s an emotional film and they’re all dealing with various crises by going to… sit in a steam room.  At the ski resort.  With a brilliant soundtrack.

“Gunshot.”  Yeah yes this is good.  I’m not even sure — I want to watch modern dance choreographed to this.  It’s a bit rocking, but it’s also got this kind of introspective undertone to it, and that’s a nice combination.  Also it would go really nicely over some sort of emotional montage in an action film/series.

“Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone.”  Oh, a bit rawer now, that’s fun.  She’s good at going raw, I think.  This one is mostly just vocal, and it’s really pretty and I’m feeling some emotions now.

“Never Gonna Love Again.”  The ghost is in an empty room, not so empty that it’s full-on echoing but it’s doing something of the sort.  The choruses, I think, are one of the things making this album sound so gosh-darn vintage.  Just the way they’re arranged, with the vocals and their layering and the choral business and the slightly ethereal quality and all.

“Heart of Steel.”  There’s a nice stripe of folk running through all of her music, but — oh, oh there’s some more 1970s!  I really just enjoy this a lot.  It’s not blasting-it-in-my-car-singing-along music per se, but it might be driving-a-long-distance-in-decent-weather.   This is decent-weather music in general.

“Sleeping Alone.”  Oh, introspection.  This is like something that belongs in the mouth of a lounge singer in a movie about the 1970s but in the film noir style.  She’s wearing all white and a lot of eyeliner and her hair is very dramatic.  It’s that sort of thing.

–your fangirl heroine.

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