Whimsy Wednesday :: in which I actually sympathize with Abbie and I totally dig Pinkie’s sister.

23 Apr

Ponies just sound like the thing that the world needs right now.

I bet this is not as important as they’re all making it seem. I bet this is some sort of set up.

Oh! Abbie’s getting to stay home alone. That’s exciting for her. Staying home alone for the first time is a big deal. She’s got to do all the chores herself, and I imagine that’s going to be a problem somehow.

How did AJ just bite her nails if she does not have nails because she has hooves because she is a pony. I am so confused about that.

Yeah, Big Mac. You’re right to be rolling your eyes over AJ’s overprotectiveness.

And Abbie, I understand your frustration. AJ, I understand your paranoia, but Abbie, I understand your need to prove yourself capable of independence. That’s a completely reasonable thing.

Good grief, AJ, you are freaking the hell out. And where are those helmets coming from? And AJ, sweetling, come on, you need to deliver those pies. That’s for the family because of the family livelihood and shit.

Uh-oh. Abbie trying to deliver pies. This is a problem. This is going to be a hilarious disaster.

Also, why wouldn’t AJ realize that while there is a giant hairbow, the pony in the apparent cradle has a different color of mane? Maybe AJ’s problem is that she’s being hypervigilant but not particularly observant of actual details.

Scoots, don’t blow it. You just blew it. Dammit.

What’s the multiheaded beast doing? Why is this pie delivery route in hell? But at least the multiheaded beast is… no wait, never mind, it’s still evil, it’s just evil for pie. But at least it’s also a girl? And now Abbie is running through hell trying to get back to the pie cart, but the snake part of the monster wrapped around the other part’s legs and wait it untangled itself but wait no oh I am so confused.

Now it’s a battle in hell?? WHAT IS THIS WHY IS THIS why does the lion tamer’s chair work on the tiger that is a tiger that is not a lion. Why is that the point of logic I’m getting hung up on?

YAYYYY acknowledgment of responsibilities! Yay sisters.

Now they’re… delivering the pies to a pie-eating contest in… the… pony… bayou??????????


Pinkie does baking science?

She has a sister?? Her sister’s name is Maud??

…rock… candy…?

A something in “rock science”?

I bet that since Pinkie just said they’re going to be best friends they will not get on and then Pinkie will neglect her other friends and it will be problematic.

She is very aloof. And blasé. And calm. And slightly… literal…?

I kind of like her. She’s so dry. And she has cool eyeliner.

Also, I love Flutter talking to animals so much.

SHE WRITES POETRY oh my god of course she does oh my god. Horrible rock-themed beat poetry.

Or the punchline will be that Maud is having a great time and some ponies just express excitement differently.

Also, Pinkie, most ponies do not become best friends in a week. That’s not something that always happens.

…ropes course…?

Oh, goodness.

How did they all get there before the train did?

Inspirational message about friends and bonding?? Aw, this is sweet.

See, yes, everypony is different. Ugh that’s so great.   And they made a ton of necklaces.

She’s kind of April Ludgate. I adore her a little bit.

–your fangirl heroine.

smug smug smartass


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