Fashion Friday :: for reasons.

11 Apr

I promised I would do this for reasons.  Not that Cap 2 didn’t have her and Steve dressing up like hipsters (and making fun of their exes?  Isn’t that the Taylor Swift song?) but this is different.

natasha romanoff (scarlett johansson)

Bless you Natasha (Scarlett Johansson).

guitar repertoire jacket (modcloth)

This one has the belt on it, which is important and relevant.  Also what are you saying I don’t just do this so I have an excuse to use every leather jacket on the website.  Guitar Repertoire Jacket, ModCloth.

sleek achievement top (modcloth)

Under the jacket.  It’s got a hint of personality but, y’know, it’s not flashy.  Sleek Achievement Top, ModCloth.

sail into the future pants in black (modcloth)

Yes, she’s going to still be black-on-black-on-black.  It works for her.  Sail Into the Future Pants in Black, ModCloth.

chocolate craving boot in black (modcloth)

Or, uh.  Black-on-black-on-black-on-black.  Chocolate Craving Boot in Black, ModCloth.

red leather bracelet (etsy)

And this is a red bracelet (since there is not red on her belt) that has bullets on it (because, well).  It can be found on Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.

yeah people are boring i guess


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